John Hardy Jewelry Plants One-Millionth Bamboo Seedling in Bali, Indonesia

John Hardy

Bamboo trees in Bali, Indonesia. John Hardy plants seedlings for any square of Bamboo Collection valuables it sells.

John Hardy has always been a code with an intriguing story. Started in Bali in 1975, a code creates domestic valuables done by artisans who compensate reverence to a beauty of life in Bali. So it creates ideal clarity that a Indonesian-based association would opt for sustainability and giving behind to a land that has desirous it.  As such,  John Hardy has vowed to plant a bamboo seedling (and infrequently mixed seedlings) any time it sells a square of valuables in a desired Bamboo collection. Just recently, a code planted a millionth seedling.

The “Wear Bamboo. Plant Bamboo.” beginning was begun by a code 10 years ago. The one millionth seedling was planted on a drift of a John Hardy pattern studio and workshops by CEO Robert Hanson and  artistic executive Hollie Bonneville Barden, who usually expelled her initial collection for a John Hardy brand.

John Hardy

John Hardy valuables is desirous by a Bali landscape. WIth a ‘Buy Bamboo. Plant Bamboo.” initiative, a code usually planted a one-millionth seedling.

Through a program, a seedlings are given to internal families for planting — not usually for sustainability though also since a plant helps freshen atmosphere and water.  Locals are also given cultivation training. The series of seedlings planted with a squeeze of a sold square of Bamboo Collection valuables varies according to a cost of a piece. For instance,  a disfigured brushed china hoop earring that retails for $395 plants dual seedlings, a bullion and argent china slap bracelet retailing for $2,650 plants 13 seedlings, and a bullion and solid bracelet retailing for $6,300 plants 33 seedlings.

According to Hanson, ” In usually 10 years, we are respected to have planted adequate bamboo seedlings to cover New York City’s Central Park 6 times over.”

John Hardy

The series of bamboo seedlings planted by John Hardy when a Bamboo Collection square of valuables sells, varies formed on a cost of a piece.

This is usually one of several initiatives John Hardy has implemented to assistance a internal village and a island’s ecosystem. The Bamboo collection of valuables takes a impulse from a plant and includes sculptural bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants with a bamboo design  in bullion and argent silver.  Inside any square there is an cast with a series of new bamboo seedlings that will be planted interjection to that specific purchase. 

John Hardy

John Hardy Bamboo Collection bullion earrings.


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