Ji Restaurant Batu Bolong

Published 31 Aug 2017   

Here’s cheers to another stately Bali sunset.

Ji Restaurant (pronounced Gee and definition church in Japanese) is a pleasing space and a startling dining experience. Focused on Japanese and Southeast Asian cuisine, a multi-leveled restaurant, that is strictly called Ji during Bale Sutra 1706 on a reduce floors, and Ji Terrace By The Sea upstairs offers most for tourists and locals comparison in a now bustling Canggu area.


Being partial of a Tugu Group, that has had a lush hotel, steeped in Indonesian story and internal artefacts on Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong for over 20 years, associating guest would already be wakeful that they are in for a pattern treat, though upstairs in a new Ji Terrace they competence be astounded to find an intemperate array of juicy Japanese dishes recognised by Chef Colin Buchan and his culinary team.

Casual dining while unaware a Canggu views.

After doing a brief debate of a downstairs area of Ji during Bale Sutra, including a travel confronting Front Bar, where guest can try innumerable cocktails and a preference of sake, and The Red Room, that is an over 300 year old, reconstructed Chinese temple, now a atmospheric dining room in tones of red, we headed upstairs to a second building flitting a categorical bar and other insinuate dining spaces and right to a tip where we find Ji Terrace By The Sea.

The patio has 180 grade views of a Indian Ocean and Old Man’s Beach, one of Canggu’s favorite surfing and traveller locales. Ji is a bustling prohibited mark around nightfall as tourists and locals arrive for a (Happy Hour) cocktail or two, suffer a sounds of a guest DJs and lay down for a perspective of a famous Bali sunset. The dual menus from Bale Sutra and Ji Terrace are accessible in all tools of a grill so there is copiousness to select from.

The signature Maki rolls, Dragon of Ji.

We started with a integrate of juicy cocktails, a coconut and Cachaca Coco Sexo (100k) and lemon weed infused vodka, consequence and crème de ginger drink mixed, a Cherry Shogu Martini (100k). Obviously carrying a cocktail in palm is a usually approach to suffer a blazing red sunset.

After sitting down during a list unaware a whole philharmonic of Canggu Beach and failing embers of another sunset, we chose a preference of Japanese favourites, that soon started nearing to a table, prepared to share.

Dishes: Amah’s Baby Back Ribs, Osaka Salad. Cocktails: Virgin Sayuri, Kublai.

Steamed Edamame with soy drop (25k) is always a healthy start, and there was most to follow. Two pieces of tuna swell sushi Otoro Nigiri (75k), Spicy Yellow Tuna Maki rolls (85k), a mount out set of 8 pieces of their signature Dragon of Ji Maki rolls consisting of prawn, tempura, avocado, tobiko, sharp mayo (110k). A small crunchy and really tasty. Next adult arrived dual pieces of Seared Gyuniku Nigiri (75k), that is kobe style, parched beef on sushi and positively delicious, and afterwards some-more sushi arrived. The Sake Kyabis Nigiri (50k) salmon with crème fraiche, black caviar and dill – another sparkling ambience and concept.

Then from a mains list, a really juicy Grilled Salmon with Eggplant (130k). The salmon is cooking and served with cuper lime, eggplant with garlic. Hokkaido Miso Ramen (100k) from a Bale Sutra menu, is finished with egg noodle in miso broth, pig belly, miso egg, enoki and shimeji mushrooms, and we finished with a common Green Tea Cheesecake (65k) and only like all else was boundless and inventive.

Private spaces steeped in story everywhere – Cambodian Apsaras dancers demeanour on.

After finishing cooking and walking down by a levels of antiquities and artworks collected by a Anhar family, who are obliged for a Tugu character and properties, we couldn’t assistance though consider how advantageous Bali is to have them around. Purveyors of Indonesian enlightenment are really few on a belligerent in a complicated Canggu.

Also, congratulations to Scottish innate chef, Colin Buchan who has finished an glorious pursuit formulating a juicy Japanese menus of both restaurants. Mix those pleasant dishes with a artistic art and artefacts from all over a Southeast Asian segment and a overwhelming views over Canggu beach, a knowledge of Ji Terrace and Bale Sutra is a must-try for any foodie or traveller to a area.

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