Jetstars swaps luggage of travellers drifting to Cairns and Darwin

By Dana McCauley

Jetstar passengers returning from Bali have been left but their bags after a confusion between dual planes.

Livid holiday-makers have taken to Facebook to opening their ire over unnoticed luggage after a bill airline substituted luggage unfailing for Darwin with that of passengers on their approach to Cairns.

Jetstar reliable to Daily Mail Australia that “a series of bags” had been place on a wrong flight.

“We apologize to business for a check in receiving their baggage, after a series of bags were sent to a improper plcae from Denpasar this morning,” a Jetstar orator pronounced on Friday.

“Most bags have been delivered to business around bearer this afternoon and a rest will be sent tomorrow on a morning flight. We are looking into how this occurred.”

Meanwhile, travellers held adult in Sydney’s whirlwind on Friday, that caused a fibre of behind and cancelled outbound flights, voiced their disappointment during being incompetent to secure deputy tickets that would capacitate them to locate their joining flights.

One would-be traveller reportedly slept during a airfield after his moody was cancelled, usually to skip his deputy moody on Saturday morning.

His mom took to Facebook to protest that no one suspicion to “give him a heads adult this morning as a craft was boarding”.

“My son was perplexing to get home to Melbourne as he leaves on DEPLOYMENT subsequent week for 9 months and wanted to see his wife!” she wrote.

A Jetstar deputy responded, observant while cancelled flights would not be refunded a airline had offering her son a voucher.

“Unfortunately, we do spasmodic have delays or cancellations since of a despotic reserve standards and situations outward of a control such as continue conditions,” Jetstar wrote.

“While we know a nuisance this might means during times, there is no concede on safety.”

The association repute went on to contend that seats on liberation flights were singular and that a airline was operative to assistance “the vast series of people impacted”.

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