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If we haven’t nonetheless requisitioned your family’s summer holiday, it’s not too late. But here’s a surprise: a family holiday to Orlando, Thailand or Bali costs reduction than a outing with a kids to Menorca or Ibiza, new investigate has shown.

When holding into comment flights, hotels of a matching standard, automobile sinecure and dishes out, these 3 renouned long-haul destinations are all cheaper than a dual Balearic islands, according to a cost comparison website TravelSupermarket.

A family of 4 will save around £800 by opting for Phuket rather than Menorca – or £1,240 if they collect Florida over Ibiza. 

Menorca is renouned with families with immature children – though is it a best choice for those on a budget?

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How are outlandish holidays cheaper than short-haul trips?

“People might consider that their holiday bill can usually widen to a Med, that they can’t means long-haul, and that holidays are going to be some-more costly this year due to flighty sell rates,” explains Emma Coulthurst, a transport consultant for TravelSupermarket.

“But a existence is holiday package prices are reduce this year in some locations and there are bargains to be grabbed, that yield a event to knowledge long-haul for less.”

Bali and Orlando, in particular, have shown a biggest year-on-year cost drops, according to TravelSupermarket, with holidays, on average, 16 per cent cheaper to Bali, and 11 per cent cheaper to Orlando, than they were in 2016.

Adding to a affordability of destinations like Thailand and Bali is a distant reduce cost of living. While a investigate compared a cost of a three-course meal, we can find distant cheaper options – like lunch for £1.50 – in Thailand and Bali than we will in Europe.

Although a pound’s value opposite a dollar has depressed given a Brexit referendum, eating out, as good as automobile sinecure and petrol, sojourn good value in Florida, Ms Coulthurst adds.

Despite a pound’s new tumble in value opposite a dollar, Orlando stays affordable

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Some of a best deals are to be found from airports outward a capital. A standard holiday to Orlando, for example, drifting from Manchester Airport, costs £276 – or 13 per cent – reduction than a matching outing to Ibiza. Travelsupermarket unclosed an Aug 15 depart for £574 per person, staying for a fortnight in a three-star hotel. A matching mangle to Ibiza, withdrawal on a same day, for a length of time, and also in a three-star hotel, costs £776 per person. 

Thailand is also a good value option. Fly from Manchester to Phuket on Aug 14, for example, for a fortnight, with bed and breakfast in a four-star hotel, and you’ll compensate only £723 per person. If we wish to revisit Menorca for dual weeks, drifting from a same airfield on a same day, and in a matching hotel, a cheapest cost accessible is £958 per person, 25 per cent more.

“These long-haul bargains also request for couples”, records Ms Coulthurst. “Normally, we’d contend to equivocate a propagandize holiday dates if we haven’t got children and are going short-haul. However, a cheapest time to go prolonged transport to many destinations, including Thailand and Bali, is May to August.”

Is there a catch?

Summer is a Med’s deteriorate to shine, and a Balearics tend to measure daily highs of 29C, with 11 hours of sun, and a low possibility of rainfall. Bali’s continue news tells a scarcely matching story; Aug is one of a best months to revisit Indonesia, as it is a rise of a dry season.

August is one of a best months, weather-wise, to revisit Indonesia


Phuket is some-more of a churned bag in August: design brief, complicated showers in a mornings on, with temperatures around 31C. But this is a comparatively dull time of year for a island, so you’ll suffer space on a beach – and good-value dining.

Orlando will be steamier: in Jul and August, temperatures can tip 33C, and some rainfall is likely. However, for families penetrating on child-focused activities, it’s tough to opposition Orlando’s thesis parks.

Perhaps a biggest locate is a moody time. While you’ll strech Ibiza or Menorca in two-and-a-half hours, you’ll need 9 hours to get to Orlando and 12 hours to fly to Phuket. Flights from London to Bali will embody scarcely 17 hours in a atmosphere – and it won’t be direct. This might order out long-haul destinations for some families.

So it seems that British holidaymakers are blank a trick

“We see many hunt for a Canaries, Majorca, a Algarve and a Balearics and Spanish mainland for a summer,” says Ms Coulthurst. “However, it is really value comparing and resisting what we can get in long-haul destinations and brief transport destinations for a same dates, to safeguard we get a many value from your holiday income and select a best holiday for you”.

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