Island focus: Rival Bali gangs attend training

Despite ascent final from Bali residents for a disbandment of mass organizations as a outcome of their impasse in acts of violence, a military are training them to assistance guarantee a island.

The training is being hold for 35 members of a island’s 3 biggest opposition gangs, namely Laskar Bali, Baladika Bali and Pemuda Bali Bersatu.

Taking place during Denpasar Police headquarters, a four-day training strictly started on Monday morning with classroom speculation sessions.

The training will continue with unsentimental exercises on a military hire field. “We give them 50 percent speculation and 50 percent practical,” Denpasar Police arch Sr. Comr. Hadi Purnomo said.

Hadi Purnomo pronounced during a training a squad members would learn techniques and plan on how to guarantee their areas, including welcoming people. “How to make guest [tourists] happy, not make them afraid? Always smile,” Hadi Purnomo said.

The squad members will also accept martial humanities training. Hadi Purnomo pronounced they indispensable such training as many clashes between a gangs had caused fatalities.

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