Island focus: Fugitive extradited from Bali to Australia

A Finnish national, who had been in apprehension in Bali for a year, was extradited to Australia on Wednesday.

Samuel Pekka Juhani Kuuppo, 32, had been sought by a Australian Federal Police (AFP) for a purported passionate abuse of his fiance.

Kuuppo fled to Bali to equivocate hearing in Australia final year. He had been charged with intimately abusing his fiance, also from Finland.

The AFP had asked for a detain of Kuuppo, who was staying during a Gandi Home Stay in Denpasar. Bali Police arrested Kuuppo on May 7 final year during Ngurah Rai International Airport as he attempted to leave Bali for Singapore.

Since a detain Kuuppo had been in Bali Police control and Kerobokan Penitentiary while available a execution of a extradition process.

“We extradited a Finnish citizen wanted by Australia this morning. His name is Samuel Pekka Juhani Kuuppo. In 2015, he was arrested in Bali. He [allegedly] committed a crime in Australia,” Bali High Prosecutor Chief, Abdul Muni, told reporters after a extradition process.

Kuuppo had been taken from Kerobokan to a Bali Prosecutor’s Office on Wednesday where a handover rite from a Indonesian authorities to a Australian authorities took place.

Representatives from a Australian embassy, a AFP and Australian prosecutors attended a meeting, as good as member from a Law and Human Rights Ministry, a immigration bureau and a Bali Police.

Kuuppo was afterwards taken to Ngurah Rai airfield underneath parsimonious confidence by a Bali Police and a AFP. The AFP group also escorted Kuuppo while on a plane.

“He left Bali by Jetstar moody JQ 109 from Denpasar to Perth, underneath AFP escort,” Abdul Muni said.

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