Investigation into MACC chief’s purported event ongoing, says IGP

IGP Fuzi Harun says a military have taken all required movement associated to a case.



PETALING JAYA: Inspector-General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun currently strike behind during claims that military are gripping wordless on investigations into a video allegedly involving Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) arch Dzulkifli Ahmad.

“As we have mentioned before, a review is ongoing,” a tip patrolman told FMT.

He combined that military had taken all required movement associated to a case.

Yesterday, Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo pronounced there was a miss of movement opposite high-ranking officials endangered in crime.

He brought adult a video allegedly involving Dzulkifli, seeking if there was a cover when MACC investigates a military and a military in spin examine MACC.

“The IGP is wordless on a matter, a attorney-general is wordless and MACC is wordless and doesn’t wish to answer if he (the MACC chief) is a one in a video.

“Are other cases dangling in MACC since of this video? Are there other videos? We need answers. Is this not a critical case? Why are a military boring their feet?”

Gobind combined that Fuzi had been proven to be a weakest military arch and was “completely unqualified of doing anything”.

Fuzi however pronounced he was not meddlesome in what Gobind had to say, and that as distant as he was concerned, a military had been doing their job.

“He can contend whatever he wants, though we consider we have finished whatever required things we need to do in all cases.”

The video in doubt was taken from CCTV footage and appears to uncover Dzulkifli holding hands with a married lady and entering a grill in Bali.

The shave was pronounced to have been taken in Jul this year.

Another video shave shows moody tickets, hotel registration papers and other footage of a integrate and luggage being changed out of a hotel.

Dzulkifli formerly responded to a purported liaison by job it “dirty and outrageous attacks” by people whom he did not identify.

However, a MACC arch did not repudiate a purported event with a woman.

She and her father divorced final month.

Gobind: Are cops and MACC safeguarding any other?

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