Infected by Bali holy water, lady endures torturous diagnosis to save sight

Jenine Briggs held a critical eye infection from showering in Bali holy water.

Jenine Briggs held a critical eye infection from showering in Bali holy water.

An Auckland lady came tighten to losing steer in one eye after showering in contaminated H2O in Bali. Fighting a infection a counsel and mother-of-two endured 5 days of nap deprivation, woken hourly to have antibiotics administered. 

Last month Jenine​ Briggs went to Bali on a week-long yoga retreat. During a shelter she visited the Hindu Balinese H2O church Tirta Empul, nearby a city of Tampaksiring, where it’s common for visitors to wash in a temple’s holy water.

“I dunked my conduct underneath a fountain. The H2O was clear, it looked positively pristine,” Briggs said. 

The Auckland lawyer, distant right, was in Bali to relax during a yoga retreat.

The Auckland lawyer, distant right, was in Bali to relax during a yoga retreat.

The following morning she woke adult with “a lot gunk” oozing out of her eye.

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The “serious infection” worsened over a following dual days, only before she was due to fly home. 

“By a time I got to a airfield my eye had distended adult utterly a lot. The white of my eye had left totally red and my impertinence was also swollen, hot and painful.”

Visiting a depart gate’s bathroom she noticed pus beginning to seep out. “That’s when we started to get nervous.”

Briggs’ specialist during Auckland’s Greenlane Hospital pronounced she had engaged a waterborne infection from possibly a showering H2O or a church water. 

“In terms of timing it creates clarity (that it came from temple’s water).”

Her moody home was a “pain continuation test” incompetent to open a putrescent eye though agony.

During a dual hour stopover in Sydney she was assessed by an airfield helper and was “lucky” to be authorised to fly a final leg of a tour home. 

Disembarking in Auckland she took a taxi directly to an collision and puncture clinic. Forty-eight hours after she was certified to Greenlane Hospital’s eye clinic.

“I realised when I got into sanatorium I couldn’t see anything out of it. The alloy asked how many fingers he was holding adult and we couldn’t see anything, that was scary.

“It was like looking into fire, all we could see was this red, orange blur.” 

The clinic’s cornea specialist told Briggs the pseudomonas aeruginosa​ infection she was diagnosed with was “very critical and really rare”.

“They pronounced other people who have had a same infection have mislaid their eyesight.”

To provide a infection nurses woke her hourly for five days to administer eye drops and antibiotics. 

“It was gruelling. I can see because nap repairs is used as torture.”

To diagnose the infection a representation of her cornea was taken regulating a razor blade to scratch off a tip layer.

While in hospital a crony who was on a yoga shelter with Briggs and had stayed on in Bali contacted her to contend E.coli had been found during a temple.

“She pronounced a local newspaper reported E.coli had been found in a H2O during one of a temples. Villagers had been regulating a rivers as a transfer belligerent for sewage.”

While the story didn’t name a temple, Briggs pronounced it did brand the Gianyar region, home to the Tirta Empul temple. 

She was discharged from sanatorium a fortnight ago and is recovering during home. A indicate suggested she hasn’t suffered any permanent damage. 

“I desired Bali, though wouldn’t go behind though goggles.”

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