Indonesia’s many outlandish end now open for travel

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

EXO Travel, Asia’s heading Destination Management Company, has usually unbarred a Raja Ampat Islands to travellers in hunt of truly singular destinations.

Located in a farthest reaches of Indonesia’s outlandish distant east, in West Papua, Raja Ampat is a array of islands famed for their remoteness, pleasant beauty and forlorn biological diversity. A large partial of these island’s allure is also a problem in removing there. It has always been usually distant adequate out of strech to safeguard that usually well-heeled explorers, scientists or divers could go there.

But times are changing. After a introduction of a archipelago’s initial approach blurb flights in Dec 2016, it has turn some-more available than ever to get there, and for lovers of remote adventures and pleasant places, there might be no improved place in Asia.

What was once possibly a multi-pronged tour or multi-day liveaboard tour can now be finished utterly painlessly. This puts Raja Ampat in a arrange of ‘Goldilocks zone’ of tourism. Although it’s still comparatively unheard of, even a many infrequent of travellers can get there with a bit of assistance from EXO.

In light of Raja Ampat’s newfound accessibility, we’ve combined dual tours that streamline a routine of removing there while highlighting a island’s implausible wonders. Our Stint in Raja Ampat (4 days, 3 nights) is a ideal appendage to tours in Java or Bali while our Raja Ampat Expedition is an immersive (7 days, 6 nights) tour by lush tour vessel by a island’s many fantastic offerings.

“With some of a richest accumulation of class in a universe and an implausible sea life, Raja Ampat is a good finish to suggest to guest who are looking for outlandish diving, bird examination or who simply wish to relax in an unspoilt pleasant paradise.” says, Mr. Christian Byczek, Product Manager, EXO Travel Indonesia.

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