Incentives for all Tobago hotel projects

THE EDITOR: Just spent a really beguiling prolonged weekend in Tobago that went off but a hitch.

Indeed, a atmosphere overpass worked excellent both ways. Service in a internal shops, bars and restaurants was good and friendly.

The prominence of a revisit was a idle Sunday spent during Pigeon Point, that has to be one of a planet’s many impediment landscapes.

Of course, Tobago also has during slightest 10 other top-class beaches, along with vast areas of pleasant rainforest, that also enclose a series of pleasing waterfalls and fresh-water showering pools. Also, in a Mount Irvine area, surfing is another vital attraction, in further to golf.

Given a extraordinary farrago of healthy beauty, Tobago should be a Bali of a southern Caribbean. It should have 40,000 top-of-the-line hotel bedrooms with an 85 per cent occupancy rate.

Yet, for some time now, a island has hotel occupancy levels of next 20 per cent and over 70 per cent of a workforce is employed by a Government.

To grasp this turn of disaster in a selling of such extraordinary healthy resources contingency have taken a special bid on a partial of a executive Government and a THA.

Now we are in such a state of panic that we are fixation all a bets on a singular Jamaican equine called Sandals.

Sure, this world-class outfit seems to have met with success in many of a projects and we now design it to kick-start Tobago’s liberation in a liberality industry.

However, to get a Sandals plan adult and using involves giving many concessions by proceed of low or no duties and taxes, that have to be paid by other smaller liberality investors.

In this situation, a fairest proceed in a matter could be to give a operation of incentives to all hotel projects, co-ordinate with a turn of investment.


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