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Beef Central’s courageous southeast Asian match Ross Ainsworth recently conducted an engaging consumer experiment: Seeking out a best griddle beef accessible on a Indonesian review island of Bali. Included were samples from peculiarity boxed beef imports from Australia, as good as Australian cattle alien live, and fed and slaughtered in Indo. Some of a formula competence warn readers…



A MAJOR transport blog recently crowned Bali as a world’s series one beach resort, and Indonesia (a substitute for Bali) stays among a many renouned abroad transport destinations for Australians.

Having lived in Bali now for about 10 months, we remonstrate with a perspective that Bali is simply a ‘beach resort’. In my view, Bali is one of a world’s many outlandish food, offering and convenience destinations, that usually happens to be surrounded by a ocean.

I place food initial on this list of attractions as a series and accumulation of dining options is positively extraordinary, from travel stalls to six-star hotel restaurants, from Balinese to Bulgarian, any ambience is catered for. Including beef.

When a crony recently asked me where a best beef in Bali could be found, we had to respond that we didn’t know. This miss of believe about such an critical partial of eating indispensable to be remedied so we began my hunt – by word of mouth, a internet and finally by a revisit to a preference of Bali’s many acclaimed beef restaurants.

An initial hunt of all restaurants offering beef constructed good over 100 probable candidates. we afterwards approached a series of long-term proprietor beef-eaters to assistance me slight this outrageous list down to about 20 venues that offering a well-regarded beef experience.

With a personal tasting of any beef a usually approach to make a final judgment, we had to slight a domain down even serve as tasting 20 steaks was usually too daunting even for a penetrating beef consumer like me. we went behind again to some-more personal recommendations total with a revisit to any of a probable destinations for a perspective of a griddle and a menu.

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A comparison can usually sincerely be done of a same beef during any place so, with an Australian rib eye as a aim steak, a serve series were eliminated. we finally comparison 7 restaurants to be visited in a march of a week, so a comparisons would be uninformed in my mind.

I afterwards consulted a beef contrast consultant and mutated their recommendations to fit a internal situation. My aged friend, Angus Adnam, a obvious stock exporter and food partner assimilated me for a tasting experience. The formula are presented below.

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The altogether leader was The Butchers Club Steakhouse, where their pretentious beef total with well-developed extras (chips, sauces, salad) valid to be best eating knowledge (by a slim margin) as good as being good value for a 300gram, 35-day dry-aged Angus rib eye for A$35. And a coldest Bintang drink directly off a ice.

Butchers Club is located in Jl. Petitenget in one of a categorical Kerobokan dining areas.

The eating knowledge of this Butchers Club Rib Eye was exceptional.

The eating knowledge of this Butchers Club Rib Eye was exceptional.


If we like a bit of entertainment when your dining out afterwards “Fire” griddle during a Six-Star W Hotel on a beach during Legian is a place for you. Prior to grouping we get a observation of a singular steaks to support with your choice (see below) as good as a preference of 18 opposite beef knives to name from. And not bad value during $45 for a beef and a circus.

18 Steak knives for Angus to name from. Mind you, if we need any of these to cut a steak, afterwards there is a critical problem. All 7 steaks we consumed could have been cut with a butter knife.


Bamboo supposing an stately beef in a Kuta family griddle sourroundings and good value during AUD$28 for a 350g rib-eye baked to perfection.

Hard Rock delivered a identical peculiarity beef in a family atmosphere with a 280g rib eye for $38. Unfortunately a daub drink was sub-standard so this put a bit of a dampener on a altogether experience.

Boy Cow was a standout with an well-developed beef that we noted down a fragment due to a complicated focus of seasoning that a US cook explained is a renouned American character of presentation. In destiny (and we will positively be going behind to this one) we will simply ask that this seasoning be excluded. 280g of grainfed, dry-aged branded Angus for $38. Without a seasoning this beef would substantially have been tighten to a passed feverishness with a Butchers Club.

The usually beating was Barbacoa, a stately griddle environment, where a beef was sliced before to portion that detracted from a coming while shortening a juiciness and tenderness, nonetheless a product roughly positively started as a tip beef off a grill.

The use during this venue was substantially a best of a 7 venues. We should validate these comments by explaining that there are dual Australian rib-eye’s on this menu, a “Charcoal Grilled Beef Rib Eye (Australian)  220g” for $25 and a “Charcoal Grilled Black Angus Beef Rib Eye (Australian) 450g” for $62. Given a volume of beef we were eating for a week, a 450 gram Black Angus usually seemed a bit over a tip both for a appetites and a budget.

The blueprint and ambience during Barbacoa is stunning.


Metis is one of my favourite Five-Star restaurants in Bali though we get what we compensate for so while a beef was superb (as was all else) so is a cost during $51.50 for 300g of grainfed rib-eye. The beef was really vast and thin-cut, so maybe a longfed animal.

Australian beef dominates

Australian beef dominates a tip finish of a Bali beef offerings with all 7 rib-eye steaks on a contrast list “originating from Australia” nonetheless in utterly a few cases a griddle use staff are not wakeful of a start – though will happily ask a cook if we are interested. Dry-Aging and Black Angus are really renouned with Butchers Club and Boy Cow prominently displaying their dry-aging cabinets permitting business to check a beef and a process.

I done some inquiries after a tasting and detected a specific origins of 4 of a 7 steaks sampled.

  • Butchers Club: Killara Black Angus granted by Elders Indonesia.
  • Boy and Cow: Blair Angus’s Kimberley Red granted by Stockyard Distributors
  • Bamboo: Elders Indonesia Kooyong Brand that is sourced from Australian Brahman X steers fattened in Sumatera and processed in Elders western abattoir in Bogor, Java.
  • Barbacoa: Elders Indonesia Kooyong as above.

I was incompetent to learn a origin, detached from a acknowledgment that it was from Australia, during Fire, Metis and Hard Rock.

While it was not astonishing that a branded Angus beef would came out on top, a genuine warn for us was a opening of Elders Kooyong, that is from Australian Brahmans fattened and slaughtered in Indonesia. For this category of animal to be adult there with a best steaks in city is utterly an achievement. Some competence remonstrate that this is technically not Australian beef carrying been fattened and processed in Indonesia, though we disagree.

I have no evidence with anyone who wishes to indicate out that a practice above is biased, unrepresentative, unscientific etc. All true, as it was usually not probable for me to do a correct technical hearing with my resources.

What we can contend however, though fear of contradiction, is that Bali is one of a good dining practice to be found in a comparatively parsimonious space anywhere in a world. Come and control your possess ambience test, we won’t bewail it regardless of your personal preferences.

We did not know that this beef was an Aussie Brahman until prolonged after we finished a ambience testing. If we are on a budget, though still wish a severely good steak, afterwards Bamboo Bar and Grill in Kuta is a place for you.



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