May outlines a finish of a stormy deteriorate in Papua New Guinea, creation summer a best, and slightest slippery, deteriorate for hiking a Kokoda Track—a ancestral 60-mile towering trek along waterfalls, wire bridges, and colourful villages. Further north, in Mount Hagen, some-more than 70 genealogical groups accumulate each Aug for a Sing-Sing Festival, a joyous jubilee of ancestral strain and dance with lizard-skin drums, swishing weed skirts, conch-shell necklaces and overwhelming plume headdresses. A dream end for snorkeling, diving, and birding, PNG claims over 600 islands, 800 local languages, and roughly all 43 unbelievably colorful class of birds-of-paradise, including a stunning, neon-blue-feathered Vogelkop, just identified this year by ornithologist Edwin Scholes and National Geographic photographer Tim Laman.

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