I woke adult during 2 am to travel dual hours adult a towering in Bali to see a morning — and it was totally value it

Tips for a hike:

Difficulty: It’s a two-hour travel to a tip (three for a tangible summit) and afterwards about a same volume of time down.

The initial hour is sincerely easy. The second hour requires navigating over volcanic rubble and doing some light stone scrambling. If we have bad knees or ankles, this is something to be aware of.

All that said, it’s not quite formidable and we design many people will have no trouble.

Shoes: we wore hiking boots, though my partner opted for sneakers, as did a guides. If all we have is sneakers, you’ll be fine, though a track is sleazy and uneven. we was grateful for a boots.

Clothes: The debate association kept revelation us that it was going to be frozen during a hike. we wore shorts and a t-shirt and was sweating. Surprisingly, it got chillier when a object rose and there was some wind, though we was never uncomfortable.

Use your best judgment. If we get cold in mid-60s (16 degrees Celsius), move a hoody or a light jacket.

Snacks and Water: The debate association supposing us with a bottle of H2O any and a breakfast box of hard-boiled egg, banana, and dual slices of bread. we rarely suggest bringing an additional H2O bottle and snacks. Though a travel isn’t long, it’s takes a satisfactory volume of energy. You’ll be happy we brought beef jerky or almonds.

Bathrooms: There’s a lavatory during a bottom of a towering and nothing on a towering (except for nature’s toilet, of course). The lavatory during a bottom is, let’s say, a hovercraft situation.

Hiking in a dark: Be careful! Our beam gave us any flashlights, though we was kicking myself that we didn’t have a headlamp. It’s not quite easy to hasten over rocks while holding a flashlight.

Warning: Some tourists try to travel a towering alone and afterwards confront raging villagers nearby a towering who infrequently harass them if they exclude a guide. The tourists have characterized this as “the towering mafia.”

I’d inspire we to perspective this another way. The villagers are really bad and tourism is increasingly their categorical source of income. They say a towering trails, safeguard that people don’t get hurt, and strengthen a holy sites (there are a series of temples on a mountain).

Don’t be a cheapo. Just compensate a ~400,000 IDR ($28) for a guide.

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