How to have a ultimate beach marriage in Bali


August 2016

The Ritz-Carlton, Bali

How they met

As family friends, Mohit and Shirin have famous any other given they were 10 and eight, respectively. The family friends not usually share a common surname, though also a wall between their homes in Jakarta. So their marriage quote is intensely apt: “Life might take we around a world, though infrequently destiny is right subsequent door.” They reconnected when Shirin changed behind to Indonesia after study in London, and antiquated for 15 months before determining to tie a knot. “Mohit was the first man we ever danced with!” remembers Shirin. “I was nine! And now he’s my final dance too.” Both now work in Mohit’s family-owned weave business.

The ‘Baewatch’ pool jubilee featured models dressed like lifeguards in red showering suits.

Why Bali?

“We were penetrating on a beach marriage as we wanted a jubilee to have a carefree feel. We wanted it to be one large party, but a highlight of sauce up in a certain manner. This is accurately what Bali offering us. We are both good versed with a internal language, given we’re from Jakarta. This done a negotiations and planning routine run smoothly.”

Tapping into a destination

The thesis for a four-day Aug marriage was ‘Showbiz.’ From a invitation designed like film tickets (conceptualised by a bride and her sister-in-law) to a cake (decorated with BW images of a integrate from a special print shoot), all was desirous by opposite films. For instance, a ‘Baewatch’ pool jubilee featured models dressed like lifeguards in red showering suits, and a signature cocktail called Shark Attack. For a ‘Sleepless in Bali’ after-party (post a acquire dinner), a hotel ballroom was converted into a large pyjama party, with an whole mezzanine built of pillows, and a hulk bed for photos. Innovative sum enclosed a samurai-themed bar during a sangeet that usually served Japanese blockade (with a servers dressed as geishas) while a accepting had a singular malt bar.

The ‘Casablanca’ accepting night.

Day 1: Engagement jubilee (or misri as it is famous in a Sindhi community)
Day 2: Ghari—a puja achieved by a relatives of a bride and groom; a Spanish-themed acquire dinner; ‘Sleepless in Bali’ pyjama after-party
Day 3: ‘Baewatch’ pool party/mehndi (that also doubled as a hangover brunch); ‘Mughal-e-Moshi’ sangeet night
Day 4: ‘Eat Pray Love’ pastel-hued marriage ceremony; ‘Casablanca’ accepting night

Need to know
Guest count: 650 guests, all stayed during The Ritz-Carlton, Bali in Nusa Dua
Wedding planner: Jakarta-based eventuality association Innaz Communique
Designers for a bride: Nitya Bajaj, Manish Arora, Anjali Mahtani Couture, Manish Malhotra and Hian Tjen
Designers for a groom: Ermenegildo Zegna, Abishek Gupta, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Shantanu Nikhil, Manish Malhotra and Tom Ford
Hair make-up: Vonny Kaeng
Photographer videographer: Axioo Wedding Photography  Videography
Wedding hashtag: #themoshiwedding #meetthevasandanis

Tip from a planner “As a Jakarta-based eventuality company, a group was already informed with a hotel and internal vendors, and were means to spin all of a families’ requests into existence with ease. And given a hotel has hosted Indian weddings in a past, a formulation routine was seamless. Remember that Bali doesn’t allow shrill song outdoor after midnight, so late parties will have to move to ballrooms. Be aware of a ballroom capacity!” Ashita Mirpuri, Innaz Communique

Fun fact
Copious amounts of ethanol were consumed over a 4 days—well over 700 bottles!


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