How To Avoid Ending Up in An Overseas Drug Stitch-Up

Alright. We’re here again: an Aussie has been held in an abroad drug stitch-up.

Adelaide lady Cassie Sainsbury – who’s been charged with drug trafficking in Colombia after cops found 5.8kg of heroin dark inside 18 pairs of headphones in her luggage – might be a latest story to strike headlines, though she’s by no means alone.

According to a Department of Foreign Affairs and Travel (DFAT), over a third of Aussies in jail abroad in 2014/15 were there since of drug offences.

So how do we safeguard we don’t (accidentally) turn one of them?

1. Know a laws of a nation to that you’ll be travelling. This competence seem obvious, though did we know that in the United Arab Emirates, even bootleg drugs rescued in your blood or urine depends as possession? Or that even in a marijuana-friendly Netherlands collateral of Amsterdam, it’s still bootleg for foreigners to squeeze cannabis? Look ’em up, fam.

2. Do not, underneath any circumstances, lift anything opposite to we opposite borders.
Details are still misleading in Cassie Sainbury’s case, though her mum told KIIS FM that she was given a package she believed contained headphones and put it into her luggage but doubt it. You know those forms we pointer during a airfield dogmatic we and usually we packaged your bag? Not a joke. Don’t accept pointless crap from anyone – generally not a flood lizard play à la ‘Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason‘.

This includes pieces of luggage ‘won’ while travelling, as tripped adult a good aged Perth couple a few years behind who incidentally ecstatic 7kg of methamphetamine behind from Canada.

3. Make certain your medication or over-the-counter meds purchased in Australia aren’t indeed deliberate bootleg overseas. You can contact a embassy prior to transport to get this one sorted.

4. Take additional precautions if you’ve dealt with drug obsession in a past. Smart Traveller takes a D.A.R.E. proceed and advises everybody to equivocate comparing with drug users (it would contend that), but advises additional counsel to people with a story of addiction, that creates a satisfactory bit of sense. It suggests those who’ve dealt with obsession in a past only straight-up equivocate places where bootleg drugs are straightforwardly available.

5. Remember that a Australian Government can’t bail we out. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop‘s blood vigour contingency ascend each time an Aussie is concerned in an abroad incident. Whenever a story reaches vicious mass media coverage (the Bali Nine, or a Malaysian budgie blokes), she appears in front of a lectern once again to remind us all that conjunction she nor anyone else has a energy to bail Aussies out on comment of them being Australian.

6. Don’t be idle with your bags. While it’s sincerely common rehearse these days to close your bag up, transport reserve consultant Phil Sylvester from Travel Insurance Direct says many thatch can be damaged into with a Biro coop and a healthy appreciation of YouTube videos.

“What we advise to people is to use ziplock ties,” he told PEDESTRIAN.TV. “Ideally, get phony zip close ties and use a settlement that you’ll remember (your favourite sports team, for example). Then if your bag comes behind with a opposite colour combination, don’t hold it. Go true to etiquette and tell them your bag has been tampered with.” 

Get your best ‘I need to pronounce to a manager’ face on and GIT, fam.

Photo: Netflix.

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