How a holiday to Bali or Florida could be cheaper than a outing to Menorca or Ibiza

TAKING your family on holiday to Florida or Bali will cost we reduction than a outing to renouned European hotspots, new investigate has shown.

Price comparison website TravelSupermarket took into comment all of a vital components for engagement a holiday including flights, hotels, automobile sinecure and transport insurance.

A holiday in Bali is cheaper than one in Ibiza

A holiday in Bali is cheaper than one in Ibiza

It found that long-haul destinations Bali, Thailand and Orlando are all cheaper than Baleriac Islands Ibiza and Menorca for family holidays.

A holiday to Orlando for a family of 4 from a UK is a whopping £1,240 reduction than a homogeneous outing to Ibiza.

Two weeks in Phuket is also a third reduction than a cost of a identical holiday to Menorca.

Emma Coulthurst, a transport consultant for TravelSupermarket, said: “People might consider that their holiday bill can usually widen to a Med, that they can’t means long-haul, and that holidays are going to be some-more costly this year due to flighty sell rates.

“But a existence is holiday package prices are reduce this year in some locations and there are bargains to be grabbed, that yield a event to knowledge long-haul for less,” she added.

TravelSupermarket cost information found that holidays to Bali and Orlando uncover a biggest normal year-on-year cost drops – with trips 16 per cent cheaper to Bali, and 11 per cent cheaper to Orlando, compared to a year ago.

Adding to a affordability of these transport destinations is a cheaper cost of living.

For example, a 3 march dish in a mid-range grill in Bali or Thailand will usually set we behind around £7-8 and a pint of internal drink about £1.20-60 – definition we can spend less once we get there.

Although, a value of a bruise has forsaken opposite a dollar given a UK voted to leave a EU final year, Coulthurst pronounced eating out and automobile sinecure for a fly expostulate holiday is mostly “very pretty priced” in Orlando, generally if we devise it in advance.

  • OrlandoTravelodge Suites East Gate Orange, Celebration
    3 star
    Bed and breakfast
    Departing London Heathrow on 2 Aug for 14 nights
    £539pp or £2,158 for a family of four
  • Ibiza Nereida, San Antonio Bay
    3 star
    Bed and breakfast
    Departing London Stansted on 2 Aug for 14 nights
    £754pp or £3,016 for a family of four
  • Menorca Beach Club
    3 star
    Bed and breakfast
    Departing London Luton on 9 Aug for 14 nights
    £679pp or £2,716 for a family of four

    All deals around

You can also save income by drifting out from an airfield outward a capital.

A holiday to Orlando from a north west is £276 or 13 per cent cheaper for a family of 4 than a package to Ibiza.

Holidaymakers travelling from Manchester airfield to Orlando on Aug 15 can fly for £574 any – most reduce than a £776 Ibiza cost from a same airport.

Currently, a moody to Phuket on Aug 14 for a stay in a four-star hotel also costs from £723 any from Manchester, compared to £958 in Menorca.

Coulthurst recommends that a best time, cost wise, to go prolonged transport to many destinations including Thailand and Bali is May to Aug in a low season.

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