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Andy Gray, a partner with Seven Stones Indonesia, estimated that between 2003 and 2014 prices for land in some places double by 10. But that expansion temporarily stalled in 2015 and 2016, with prices flattening for a initial time in during slightest a decade and transaction volume dropping by about half, he said.

“Everyone seemed to consider Bali was bulletproof. And it wasn’t,” he said. Mr. Gray attributed a cost plateau to dual factors: Buyers began facing prices they saw as too high, and a liquid of rich Indonesians who had been investing in Bali slim for a while.

Since about 2005, new construction developments, including condo-hotel variety and resort-style apartments, have proliferated around a island’s southern side, pronounced Dan Miller, conduct of a Bali bureau of Jones Lang LaSalle, a tellurian genuine estate and investment company. Today a new resort-style construction developments make adult about 10 percent of Bali’s genuine estate marketplace and roughly 20 percent of a oppulance market, he said.

Karl Wilkins, a selling executive with Paradise Property Group, celebrated that prices final year continued to grow, though during a obtuse rate than before — 10 or 15 percent, compared to 20 to 30 percent 3 to 5 years ago. He pronounced Indonesian investors started returning this spring. Mr. Gray pronounced that this year there have been some-more inquiries and exchange during both his organisation and others, while prices have remained stable.

As a outcome of a progressing cost expansion and a new stagnation, Mr. Gray described a “two-tier businessman system,” where sellers who bought 8 to 10 years ago are means to sell during “realistic” prices, while sellers who bought when prices were aloft — 3 to 4 years ago — will onslaught to make a profit. “It’s still positively a buyer’s market,” he said. He combined that properties are shutting during around 80 to 85 percent of their seeking price.

Mr. Wilkins pronounced oppulance properties start during around $1 million and strech some-more than $10 million. Most tumble between $1 million and $2 million. He has been introducing buyers to reduction grown islands in a country’s east, where prices are lower. He mentioned Flores, Rote, Lombok and Sumbawa as options in a 17,000 island archipelago.

Who Buys in Bali

Agents pronounced a immeasurable infancy of their clients are Indonesian. Foreign buyers tend to come from around a segment — Australia, Hong Kong, China and Singapore. Farther afield: Germany, Italy and France, agents said.


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Buying Basics

Foreigners who wish to buy genuine estate in Indonesia face several restrictions that are dynamic by a form of pretension a skill has, pronounced Manish Antal, a sales manager with Kibarer Property, a Bali genuine estate group and authorised services firm. Leasehold titles are accessible to foreigners with a time limit. Freehold titles are indifferent for Indonesians, he said.

To buy a skill listed with a freehold title, a unfamiliar customer has several options. One is to initial modify it to a right to use title, that is accessible to foreigners, pronounced Devy Susanti, a notary formed in Bali. This pretension allows for tenure of a skill for a bound tenure that can be extended and renewed, for a sum of adult to 80 years. This choice is accessible to foreigners with chateau permits, in cases where a skill meets certain distance and cost criteria.

Foreigners do not use mortgages in Indonesia. Mr. Antal said.


Bali tourism:

Languages and Currency


Indonesian Rupiah ($1 = 13,351 rupiahs)

Taxes and Fees

Annual skill taxes on this home are around $320, Mr. White said. Monthly payments to a banjar, a internal village classification that provides maintenance, confidence and that organizes celebrations, are around $200, he said.


Joe White, Seven Stones Indonesia, (011 62) 87-761-545-403;

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