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The latest Hotel Property Report released in Oct 2016 by Colliers International reports that a “upcoming supply (of hotel rooms) in Bali will be dominated by 4-star hotels. The stream supply of hotel bedrooms and those approaching to be combined before year’s end:

  • 5 Star Hotels stood during 17,891 bedrooms with 1,583 new 5-star bedrooms approaching to be combined by year-end 2016.
  • 4 Star Hotels stood during 21,406 with 2,197 new 4-star bedrooms approaching by year-end 2016.
  • 3 Star Hotels stood during 15,729 with 742 new 3-star hotels approaching by year-end 2016.

According to a Collier International reports 5,213 new 4-star hotel bedrooms are “in a pipeline” – definition underneath construction are holding permits indispensable to embark construction.

Similarly, Collier says a serve 9,267 5-star hotel bedrooms are in a pipeline during this time.

Collier International depends 3,258 bill hotel bedrooms (3 star) in operation in Bali with a serve 855 bill hotels in a pipeline.

Assuming hotels in a pipeline indeed materialize, Bali will shortly be home to:

  • 28,741 5-star hotel rooms
  • 28,816 4 star hotel rooms
  • 17,389 3 star or “budget” hotel rooms.

Total 74,946 starred hotel bedrooms open or “in a pipeline” for Bali.

Despite calls for a duration on new hotel bedrooms in Bali to concede both patron direct and a Island’s ancillary infrastructure to locate up, regency officials continue to inspire new investment in Bali’s hotel sector.

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