Here’s How to Do Bali in Five-Star Luxury (With a Butler!) Using Miles

Hey, it’s Ben Schlappig again, a blogger behind One Mile during a Time, and a man who introduced we to my uber-luxury transport lifestyle — that I’ve managed by regulating miles and points. When we final left off, I was ripping by Bali on a points bender.

While we do what we can to get over jet lag, my initial day in Asia is always a bit severe in terms of exhaustion. However, after a second good night of sleep, we was feeling amazing.

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Since we were staying during a St. Regis, we feel like we should discuss some of a things we adore about a St. Regis code specifically. All St. Regis properties offer some unchanging benefits. For example, apartment guest staying during a St. Regis (which includes all bedrooms during this hotel, given it’s an all-suite property) get nominal coffee and tea around servant use 24/7. As someone who keeps a uncanny report due to how we work, and who is fueled by coffee, that’s something we love.

Hello, gorgeous.

There’s a lot some-more to St. Regis servant service, though. They also have a make-up and unpacking service, that we know many others love. Personally, a suspicion of someone unpacking my things weirds me out a bit, so we can’t contend I’ve ever taken advantage of it.

Perhaps my favorite St. Regis gift is that any skill has a possess signature bloody mary, that reflects a celebrity of a hotel. The humorous thing is that I’m not customarily a bloody mary drinker during all. we don’t remember a final time I’ve had a bloody mary outward of a St. Regis.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…

However, I’ve done a indicate of perplexing a signature bloody mary during each St. Regis skill we stay at, as we find it a fun approach to “taste” a internal area. The reason St. Regis has this tradition is since a bloody mary was founded during a King Cole Bar during a St. Regis New York (which we visited after in a trip), so they’ve been gripping a thesis going during all hotels. In Bali, a bloody mary is called a Bali Mary, and it has utterly a flog to it!

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We also had a possibility to debate some of a hotel’s large villas and suites, typically indifferent by heads of states, billionaires, and a like. The hotel has an implausible two-story beachfront villa, as good as a apartment travelling a whole tip building of a categorical hotel. While we doubt I’ll ever get upgraded into one of these rooms, it’s engaging to see.

Stunning suites

Points Options for a Quiet Bali Beach Stay

However, even if we don’t have Starpoints (or don’t wish to redeem as many points as are indispensable for a St. Regis), there are several other good hotels in Nusa Dua that we can book with points. If we have Starpoints, there’s also a Westin Nusa Dua, as good as a Languna, that is a Luxury Collection hotel (that’s Starwood’s eccentric oppulance hotel brand).

Nusa Dua also has a Grand Hyatt, Hilton, and Courtyard (which is a Marriott brand), that can be a good value on points. There unequivocally are so many good hotel options in a area.

Other Things to Do In Bali

However, there are other desirable tools to Bali as well, so I’d never suggest spending your whole Bali vacation in Nusa Dua. Part of what we adore about Bali is how sundry a island’s landscape is, and we consider a best place to knowledge that is in Ubud. It’s about an hour inland, nonetheless you’ll feel like you’re on a totally opposite planet.

An ideal Bali outing blends beach with internal culture.

Ubud has jungles, rice terraces, et cetera, while Nusa Dua feels some-more like a relaxing and sleeping beach down, there’s so most to do in Ubud, from exploring a rice paddies to rafting.

If in Bali I’d generally suggest bursting your time between a beach and inland. There are lots of choices for where to stay nearby a beach, nonetheless for a internal apportionment of a outing we consider Ubud is a best option.

Stick around for a subsequent adventure!


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Ben Schlappig, a blogger behind One Mile during a Time, practice about $1 million value of transport each year regulating miles and points — and covers about 400,000 miles annually this way. Ben has teamed adult with Bravo’s Jet Set for a array called The Upgrade, in that he shows we how we — yes, you! — can measure real-world-ready strategies for upping your transport game. Come along for a adventure!

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