Grand burglary auto, Bali edition: Man apprehended during Denpasar hotel after holding stolen cab on fun ride, GPS leads …

Bali military swarmed a hotel in Denpasar on Friday, impediment a male who stole a taxi, apparently holding it for a joyride.

Identified in internal news reports as Karisma Gultom, 26, a male was arrested in a raid during Hotel Dee Mansion in West Denpasar.

It’s purported that Gultom took a cab by force from Bluebird Taxi motorist Urip Nugroho during 4:30am somewhere around Sunset Road in Kuta.

“The cab motorist was systematic out of a car. Then a cab was seized and he rushed over to Mansion (the hotel),” Bali Post quoted an identified source as saying.

Police knew accurately where to find Gultom interjection to a GPS tracker in a vehicle.

Kuta Police Chief Wayan Sumara reliable a incident. After throwing Gultom, a box was handed over from Kuta Police to Denpasar Police.

Denpasar Police Chief Comr. Hadi Purnomo says a review is being deepened and military are exploring a probability that Gultom could be obliged for additional instances of automobile burglary in Bali.

When arrested, Gultom was staying with a woman, allegedly his wife. Gultom had checked in with a lady around 6am this morning. A receptionist during a hotel says a integrate came in this morning in a rush, parking a cab out front.

“He came in with a woman, that could’ve been his wife, rushed here, though didn’t demeanour like he was drunk,” Dee Mansion Hotel receptionist, Remindau, told Tribun Bali.

Though appearing not to be Indonesian, a male could pronounce bahasa Indonesia says Remindau.

“He pronounced if anyone comes to ask about a taxi, contend no one is here,” adding that he did not wish to give his name or any marker when checking in, according to a receptionist.

“He directly paid Rp 300,000” for a room, Remindau said.

Whether or not a receptionist dictated to follow Gultom’s instructions doesn’t seem to have mattered. A few hours later, military came and raided a hotel.

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