‘Go-Jek drivers contingency wait outside’: Sign during Canggu Italian grill sparks outrage

An Italian grill in Bali’s hip Canggu area has been confronting a rage of netizens after a pointer on arrangement during a grill has left viral, seeking drivers from a Indonesian app, Go-Jek to wait outside.

While Go-Jek is best famous for a ride-hailing feature, a app offers a operation of other services including Go-Food, where business can sequence food smoothness from their collect of restaurants.

La Casetta note to Go-Jek drivers

La Casetta, located in Umalas, has been flooded with indignant online reviews as recoil for a sign. Here’s a interpretation of a argumentative notice for all a non-Indonesian speakers out there:

Go-Jek Drivers,

Please wait outward of a grill after putting in your sequence during a cashier.

Thank you,

La Casetta

Commentators have tagged a pointer as discriminatory—an emanate that has been famous to acquire viral-levels of courtesy in Indonesia, but customarily with domestic workers. (Remember a picture of a domestic workman sadly examination on as a family she’s operative for cooking though her?)

Go-Jek drivers are people too, who are giving a grill money, and should not be treated as unintelligent citizens, forced to wait outside, comments like these (translated from Indonesian) are arguing:


Ojol (online motorcycle cab drivers) are also human.

The drivers are not begging, or beggars. They are also paying. What’s a disproportion with them and other customers? They are also profitable rupiah.

The disastrous comments stirred a response from a restaurant’s management, that appears to have posted an reparation for a pointer on their Facebook page.

However, it seems a reparation post inadvertently invited even some-more disastrous comments and a grill now appears to have deactivated their Facebook page given a incident.

A screenshot of a reparation was published by a Tribun News Network before a Facebook page went dark.

La Casetta apology

“We apologize for any inconvenience. We did not intend to distinguish opposite any of a customers. But previously there had also been an nuisance caused by a driver.”

The reparation continued that their grill is tiny and that it was a staff that put adult a sign.

“As for a essay that has caused discomfort, it was in fact, from a beginning of a staff. We apologize if there is anything that causes discomfort.

“We wish to explain that a grill is small, with singular space. Kitchen and staff will take longer to prepared all orders for customers, either to be eaten here, takeaway, or systematic from an online motorcycle cab driver, when a grill has a lot of orders.

“And due to space constraints, we intend to use a reserve series complement when a grill is busy. When an sequence is finished, a wait staff will broach it to where a drivers are waiting.

“We wish all business and drivers can know and we shortly wish to yield a incomparable space. For awhile, greatfully know and concur together. We will always try a best to find a best resolution for us, and all of a customers, no exceptions.”

UPDATE (June 9): La Casetta has responded to Coconuts Bali‘s ask for comment, with a following statement.

We are repelled and unhappy about what is function and how a whole story got viral Indonesia far-reaching swelling a summary of taste that is really distant from a philosophy.

It was never ever a goal to distinguish opposite somebody and we feel really contemptible that a drivers got offended!

We are a tiny grill and a bustling time is mostly in a evening. Often it happens that all a tables are assigned and there are 7 Go Jek drivers during a same time in front of a bar watchful for a deliveries that creates is tough for a group to pierce and not probable for a other business to strech a bar.

This problem done us arrange a assembly with all a group to find a resolution and we done a complement for a drivers to make everybody’s work easier by giving them a series after they placed a sequence and bringing a food to them when it’s ready.

Of march this complement is usually for bustling days when there is no space inside a restaurant. All a drivers were totally excellent with a complement and it done a work in a grill approach easier.

The essay that caused all a broadside was done by one of a group members though any capitulation from a government meditative that it was useful to conduct a conditions that we had already found a resolution for. Of march not similar on a summary as shortly as we saw a pointer we directly private it shortly after it was put in a grill though it was already too late and it had left viral

What was created and a approach it was created was unsuitable and we know that a drivers feel annoyed and deeply apologize!

In a matter in a Tribun we also mentioned an occurrence that happened final week with one Go Jek motorist who started to roar inside a grill observant bad difference since he was dissapoint about a food holding too long. In a open matter we asked contemptible to a drivers that infrequently a food takes some time though a truth of a grill is to yield uninformed food, not quick food that infrequently takes a while to prepare. We totally honour all a drivers and their work though we also wish us and a work to be respected.

We and a group are doing a pursuit same like a drivers do theirs and we have to make it easy for everybody. We will do a best to yield a sitting area for a drivers for bustling days in a destiny and of corse drivers can enter a grill as they always could only on bustling days we ask for team-work and to greatfully wait for a food in a outward area as in all a other tiny restaurants as well.

We wish a drivers will solely a reparation for a writing!

Editor’s Note: Statement has been edited for clarity.

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