FTI Touristic Germany: We adore Nepal Tourism, and so do 2200 transport agents

Nepal Tourism Board successfully participated in a Asia Roadshow. The Asia Roadshow is an annual eventuality orderly by FTI Touristik Germany that is a 4th largest Tour Operator in Germany with carrying some-more than 2200 agents over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Roadshow was hold in 5 distinguished cities of Germany viz Hamburg, Essen, Mannheim, Wurzburg and Dresden from 21-25th Aug 2017.


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This is a initial beginning of Nepal Tourism Board to partner with an International Tour Operator for end promotion. Nepal had an disdainful display eventuality in all a events along with 5 other tip destinations in Asia. The other destinations enclosed China, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore. Bangkok Airways, Singapore Airlines, Belmond Resorts-Bali, Hilton Hotel, Mulia hotels-Bali, Elephant Hills-Phuket and Interpid were particular tourism properties who were also a partial of a Asia Roadshow.

Every eventuality witnessed a appearance of some-more than 80 agents where a exhibitors could do a critical Business to Business eventuality with a intensity buyers. A focused display eventuality followed a B2B with FTI deputy doing a minute talk with a Destination Presenter per a destination. The module was short, effective and really good organized.

The participating agents were focused and knew because they were in a program. Many of a agents were new to Nepal. Some had pulled out a Nepal package after a Earthquake while really few were still offered Nepal. Nepal mount did accept an strenuous and a really comfortable response from a German Tour Operators as they were astounded to see Nepal as one of a Sellers. Nepal was a usually nation to have participated in a FTI Asia Roadshow from South Asia compartment date. Nepal also had a rival advantage of products among other Seller Destinations as we had totally opposite products than what they all were selling. The Dhaka Scarfs we distributed were positively preferred by all.

Series of sessions were orderly to remonstrate debate operators strong around:

  1. What tourism could design from roving to Nepal?
  2. The pre-travel claim for Nepal like visa and transport regulations, health (if any vaccination was required) and transport seasons.
  3. Must revisit areas and places of Nepal? What could be a opposite itineraries for initial time visitors, second timers and a steady visitors?
  4. Cuisines of Nepal. The Germans were extraordinary to know either a cuisines sundry as per a altitude and a geographical settlements?
  5. Sacred tips for German transport agents to sell Nepal

These highway shows and sessions were good represented by Mr. Ram Pratap Thapa-Honorary Consul General of Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board was represented by Mr. Lekh Nath Bhusal-Manager, NTB, Ms. Shradha Shrestha-Manager, NTB and Mr. Santosh Bhattarai-Honorary PRR of NTB.

Overall, a initial beginning of NTB was good perceived by a German Trade. The module not usually helped to re-position Nepal’s Brand name among a German Travel trade though also helped in networking with Asian reflection destinations for corner promotion.

Mr. Deepak Raj Joshi, Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Tourism Board remarked this beginning as pivotal to directly strech general debate operators. He serve combined ”NTB will partner with all agencies and associations to move preferred series of tourists from source marketplace formulating recognition about Nepal. This form of module strongly supplements Nepal’s appearance in trade fairs and will be finished frequently in a days to come. We are grateful to FTI Touristik for including Nepal in a Roadshow ”.

Mr. Ram Pratap Thapa-Honorary Consul General of Nepal remarked ‘Such specialized module for unfamiliar transport agents is really necessary’.

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