From Bali Beach to Sugar Grove, Marcella Pranovia and Melati Putri reunite during NCAA Championship

SUGAR GROVE, Ill. – Bali Beach Golf Course competence usually be 9 holes. It competence underline only one standard 3 and one standard 5 among 7 standard 4s. It competence not be on any worldwide tip 100 lists.

But it did furnish dual of a 132 golfers in this week’s NCAA Women’s Golf Championship field.

Oregon comparison Marcella Pranovia and Purdue sophomore Melati Putri have a special place in their hearts for Bali Beach. They both picked adult a diversion roughly around age 10, any desirous by their dads, and it was Bali Beach owners Dharma Wijaya who gave them a inexpensive place to qualification their skills.

“We are advantageous adequate that a owners is unequivocally ardent about youth golf,” Pranovia said. “… That’s because I’m here right now.”

Pranovia, 22, changed to Santa Ana, Calif., when she was 17 years aged and attended Mater Dei High for dual years. She afterwards sealed with a Ducks and played 30 events over 3 seasons before competing in 5 this season. She’s in a lineup during Rich Harvest Farms, though, after a T-9 finish during a NCAA Lubbock Regional.

Putri, 19, didn’t pierce to a U.S. until she sealed with a Boilermakers. In dual seasons, she will have competed in 17 events, including this week’s NCAA Championship, her prominence being a T-8 finish during a Landfall Tradition final fall.

While a dual players attend schools roughly 2,200 miles apart, they sojourn close. They cruise themselves best friends.

“When we meet, it’s like zero ever changes,” Pranovia said.

When they aren’t personification golf behind home, they are exploring Bali’s many beaches and eating, as Putri describes, “a lot of food.”

Their favorite dish? Balinese rice.

“It’s rice with a lot of ‘stuff,’” Putri said. “Chicken, veggies and afterwards ‘stuff.’”

Spicy? “Can be,” Putri replies.

As for golf, it’s not accurately “on fire” in Bali. There isn’t a ton of support and many people that play golf there are possibly businessmen or tourists. Bali has never had a golfer play on a PGA or LPGA tours.

In a women’s college game, there are only 3 players from a island, Kansas sophomore Victoria Chandra being a other one.

But both Pranovia and Putri are carefree that will change.

“We’re anticipating that we can be a era that creates it,” Pranovia said.

Of course, it’s weeks like this one in Sugar Grove that can go a prolonged approach in moulding a immature golfer’s career. Pranovia and Putri are vehement to get their NCAA Championships underway, and one can gamble that they’ll be entertaining any other on.

Just like all a days behind during Bali Beach.

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