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Published 02 Sep 2017   

Frockk prides itself in regulating usually all healthy textiles.

Written by: VERONIKA K.

The Frockk cultured is formed on regulating usually 100% natural, breathable fabrics such as linen, string and silk. They foster pale tones in their collections. You’ll find graceful shades of greys, greens, blue, soothing pinks, and of march white – and lots of it!

The engineer believes fabric is a many critical thing in clothing. She chose these textiles since of a feel and longevity they provide. Nothing beats a prodigy and wearability of healthy fibres. They usually feel better! Frockk found that with so many synthetic materials out there, this is a genuine indicate of difference.

The tag creates timeless, graceful and delicate clothing, wearable deteriorate after season. Frockk signature styles are not usually for holiday wear, they can go home with we from your vacation and be worn, and ragged again. It is a label’s truth to furnish quality, durable pieces we won’t usually wear once and put away.

A ideal habit tack for any occasion.

The impulse for a designs and shapes comes from many places. Watching how women live and their bustling lifestyles has resulted in designs that are not usually for beach or resort, though also for any eventuality on your amicable calendar. You’ll find versatile pieces in their operation we can stone during weddings, picnics, parties, or usually doing a propagandize run.

Frockk also designs all a panoply not to be ironed! It creates them a ideal messenger for travelers and adventurers.

Their stores also lift beautifully designed accessories – there we can find anything from leather bags, wallets, and boots that element a “Frockk look”.

What sets Frockk serve detached is their reliable business approach. Their whole line is made in Bali by a gifted internal organisation of artisans they like to consider of as a Frockk family. Their group of sewers, fabric printers and dyers are all operative absolutely from their homes. Families do many of a sewing in their internal villages, and there are no factories concerned in a prolongation process.

Nothing beats a prodigy of wearing healthy fiber.

The label’s story began usually 7 years ago in Sydney and a recognition fast skyrocketed. They non-stop 3 section and trebuchet stores in Bali and have Frockk stocked in many boutiques around Australia and over a world.

Frockk is a ideal habit tack for any conform savvy traveller as it offers comfort and character rolled into one. You can take this pleasing and wearable tag with you, wherever we go.

Frockk Bali Locations:

Seminyak: Jl. Cendana
Ubud: Jl Dewi Sita
Canngu: Jl Pantai Berawa

Opening hours: 10 am to 7pm,
7 days a week
– online store entrance soon!


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