Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay, Bali – hotel review: clean your chakras on a Bali beach

Julia Buckley heads to Bali and discovers a Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay …

First impressions

Few tourists will set feet in a normal Balinese devalue — walled, village-like settlements where extended families live together in houses around executive shrines. This will give we a feel for it, yet — a 147 villas are styled as Balinese houses, finish with walls and particular shrines, so a sense (seen around golf cart) is of a 35-acre tiny town, laid out unaware a beach during Jimbaran Bay.


Inside, villas are classical south-east Asian luxury: understated though plush, with dim timber interiors, rattan-lined, bale-style ceilings, butterfly nets giving a bed a four-poster feel and outrageous bathrooms (giant egg-shaped baths as good as indoor and outward showers) distant from a bedroom by a sauce area. So far, so delightful, though it’s outward where they come into their own, with private pools (even a smallest are swimmable), a scoop for relaxing and a tiny garden, finish with tabernacle (tended to by a internal community, who come to urge as bedrooms are being cleaned). Villas with a sea view are value a ascent for obvious reasons. 


It might be Four Seasons though not by bleak North American standards — this is a loose place, and staff straightforwardly dump a haven if they see we wish it. It’s a still resort, not slightest since with private pools, who wants to leave a villa? And nonetheless use is sharp, with golf buggies during a ready, it’s a pacific travel to a dual open pools, along a waterfront and down to a beach. 


This is Bali, so a sauna is not usually glorious though specialises in out-there treatments: consider gongs, chakras and crystals, and visiting healers such as Ibu Jero, who does a kind of turbocharged reiki. There are dual restaurants — do a Cooking Academy for a correct Balinese dinner, and have breakfast during Sundara, unaware a beach and a 57-metre forever pool (Bali’s longest) cantilevered above it.


Jimbaran is famous for a seafood, with crab shacks lined adult along a prolonged crescent of beach. Other than that, it’s mostly review after resort, though that means it’s pacific (and quieter than, say, Seminyak). The positioning of a review means it’s looking opposite a brook to a airfield and plateau beyond.

Dark side

It’s super-close to a airfield — about 15 mins customarily — though stream roadworks, due to finish in September, supplement a integrate of hours to a tour during rush hour. Although there’s no sound emanate from a airport’s proximity, saying a planes come in does remind we where we are — this isn’t a finish switch off, as a sister skill in Ubud is.

In a nutshell

Brilliant for a quick, luxe sauna break. If we don’t have time to try a island, they move Balinese enlightenment to you. It’s pricey for Bali, that does pool villas so well, though it’s honestly a cut above. 

Villas from £538, room only.

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