Former US boss Obama to arrive on Bali this afternoon

Former US boss Barack Obama is scheduled to arrive on Bali this afternoon to start a five-day vacation with his family on a review island. Obama’s aircraft will be nearing during a Bali airfield during 5:55 p.m. from Guam.

Ngurah Rai Military Air Base commander Col. we Wayan Superman pronounced customary VVIP confidence measures would be enforced during a alighting of Obama’s aircraft during a airport.

“There will be no airfield closure [for other flights]. However, we will give priority to his plane,” Superman said. 

Superman pronounced that he had concurrent with a allege US team, that indicated that Obama had refused a offer of any special diagnosis during his visit.

Superman pronounced a Indonesian authorities would safeguard Obama’s attainment would have minimal impact on other flights during a airport. 

Obama will come with his mother Michelle Obama, their daughters Malia and Sasha, and other Obama family members. He will also move several special confidence staff members with him. 

From a airport, Obama will go true to a Four Seasons Resort Bali during Sayan, Ubud where he will be staying. The five-star hotel offers a immature perspective over rice fields inside a hotel complex. The hotel grill also offers a perspective over a Ayung River. (dmr)


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