Food lorry review: Mr. Mongolian hopes to fill a blank with the stir-fried transport – on a truck

When a glow sealed a strange Bali Hai in 2013, a lot of longtime fans were heartbroken. The Raleigh grill was a initial – and for many of a 30-plus year existence, a usually – end in a area for fans of Mongolian barbecue.

One of those fans was Amrit Narula, who had been a clinging unchanging given a late ’90s, when Bali Hai’s copiousness bowlfuls of stir-fried transport fueled his studies as a automatic engineering tyro during N.C. State. Like many others, Narula energetically waited for a owners to announce a restaurant’s reopening. And waited. And waited.

The repairs to a building had been extensive, and it took a owners dual years to settle on a new location. The grill finally reopened in Sep 2015, in Garner – consolation, to be sure, yet a bit of a transport from a strange location.

“I still wanted a place closer to home,” Narula says, “and we know a lot of other people who felt a same way.”

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So he motionless to do something about it. He launched a food lorry Mr. Mongolian, that strike a highway in Feb 2017 and has been racking adult a miles all over a Triangle ever since. In Narula’s fervour to move Mongolian grill tighten to as many people as he can, he fills scarcely each day of a week with during slightest one scheduled stop.


He relates that same fervour to a food, insisting on uninformed mixture and blemish preparation. That includes a homemade (and rarely recommended) coconut macaroon cookies. “The usually thing we don’t make is a dumplings,” he says of a truck’s choice charity for those looking for a lighter bite.

If you’ve had Mongolian barbecue, we know a drill. If you’re a novice, or if we usually need a refresher, here are a steps, along with a few tips to assistance we make your selections.

Step 1. Decide either we wish a unchanging or vast bowl. Tip: The unchanging is copiousness for many appetites. The vast is usually $2 more, though, and good value it if we can devise on holding home leftovers.

Step 2. Select your protein: chicken, pork, shrimp ($2 extra), beef, tofu, or any combination. we like pig and shrimp.

Step 3. Choose your veggies. Again, we can emanate any multiple we like, yet my recommendation is not to overdo it. If you’re in doubt, a “chef’s choice” equipment noted with an asterisk (potato, cabbage, carrot, pineapple and onion) are a protected bet.

Step 4. Decide either you’d like your origination served over white rice or boiled rice – or, if you’re examination a carbs, cabbage for a $1 surcharge.

Step 5. Choose your piquancy level: 5 levels, from “none” to “X-hot.” Six, if we count “Vesta Reaper Dry Hot Sauce.” Order that final one during your possess risk.

Step 6. Choose any discretionary add-ons. Fried egg? Yes, please. I’ll pass on a white sauce, yet if you’re a fan of a yum yum salsa we get in Japanese steakhouses, hit yourself out.

More than 3 decades after a Triangle got a initial ambience of Mongolian barbecue, there are still usually a handful of restaurants specializing in a cuisine. Now, interjection to Mr. Mongolian, chances are there’s a place circuitously where we can get your repair during slightest one day this week.

Mr. Mongolian

Prices: bowls $8 (regular) to $10 (large) and $1 to $2 for discretionary ingredients; coconut macaroons, dual for $2.50


Social media: or Twitter: @MrMongolianNC

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