Films on a Beach during Nusa Dua


The Ayodya Beach Resort Bali during Nusa Dua recently launched a module of Saturday Nights Movies on a Beach.

Planned to be hold each Saturday night, a module debuted on Saturday, Aug 12, 2017, with a display of 1971 cult classical Harold and Maude followed a subsequent week by Peter Seller personification mixed roles in a 1965 anti-war film Dr. Strangelove.

Rocky Horror Picture Show – Saturday, Aug 26, 2017

On Saturday, Aug 26, 2017, a outlandish and rarely interesting 1975 Rocky Horror Picture Show will be shown during a Ayodya Beach Club.

Based on a 1973 musical, a Rocky Horror Picture Show pays tributes to a genre of scholarship novella and fear “B movies” around a story of a immature integrate stranded in a condemned palace owned by a insane scientist. The film goes over vast and is possibly credited or blamed for moving such conform innovations as painted hair and ripped fishnet. In singular melodramatic recover given 1975, audiences around a universe still come to showings in full dress and will mostly rivet in charcterised discourse with a characters as they seem on a screen.

Why should Bali be any different?

M*A*S*H –Saturday, Sep 2, 2017

MASH or M*A*S*H is a 1970 satirical black comedy that launched dual TV shows that sojourn in TV circulation to this day. Directed by a eminent Robert Altman, a film became one of a biggest hits in a early 1970s. While a film was evidently about a U.S. Military bottom sanatorium handling during a Korean War, a film struck a clever chord among pacifists against to stability U.S. troops impasse in Vietnam

Movies during a Ayodya Beach Club

Admission is giveaway of assign for a film that starts during 8:00 pm during a Ayodya Beach Club. Food and drinks use is accessible all day prolonged during a Club.

Come early to suffer a food while staking out a beanbag chair nearby a screen!

For reservations or some-more information Email or write +62-(0)361-771102.

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