Fiji vs. Bali: Which is a best holiday?

Which mark do we prefer? Picture: Unleashed Travel

BALI contra Fiji, that is improved for family holidays? That’s a doubt that can get tempers exhilarated and see friends tumble out.

They are dual of a tip family holiday destinations for Australians and many families have a favourite. Fiji is by distant a best of a two, we argue. But my well-travelled crony Maraya Bell of a Stuff Mums Like website says that Bali wins for her each time.

We’ve been carrying a powerful contention about it. So if you’re tossing adult visiting Bali with kids or wondering possibly a Fiji holiday would fit we better, listen in to a disputes.


Maraya: “Bali provides a good brew of relaxation, journey and culture. It’s such a tiny island that we can take yourself out of a traveller centres and unequivocally knowledge Balinese culture. You can see dancing, ceremonies and watch a Balinese women emanate extraordinary offerings.”

Seana: “But Fiji has copiousness of enlightenment too. You can revisit a markets, see mountain forts and join a locals during church services. Plus it’s easy to knowledge Fijian encampment life.”


Maraya: “Well, a food though! Everyone knows that a food in Fiji is normal during best. In Bali a choice isn’t what to eat, it’s what not to eat.

“There are so many extraordinary places in Bali, with new ones popping adult daily (some of my faves are Biku, La Lucciola, Sisterfields, Wacko Burger). These are approach improved than a repeated smorgasboard options of a Fiji review buffet.”

When in Bali, eat adult ... Picture: Jeff

When in Bali, eat adult … Picture: Jeff

Seana: “Now there’s a indicate in there yet a resorts we’ve stayed during have indeed served unequivocally engaging food with copiousness of accumulation and there are now several universe category glorious dining restaurants in Fiji such as Restaurant 1808 on Castaway Island and a Ivi during a Outrigger.”


Seana: “Also removing around to revisit those places in Bali is a harassment since of a trade that is generally terrible in Bali. Things are tighten together in Fiji and you’re never going to get held in a terrible trade snarl. Now that’s something Bali can never claim.”

Maraya: “Bali has trade for certain — yet it also has atmosphere conditioning in those taxis! Plus, during an normal of $3-$5 a cab float around a categorical areas, we don’t have to worry. Just lay behind and watch a internal movement out a windows.”

But be prepared for a traffic. Picture: Fabio Achilli

But be prepared for a traffic. Picture: Fabio Achilli


Maraya: “Bali is ideal for kids of all ages. For small ones we can get a nanny on palm (known as a pembantu) to give we some time out. For bigger kids we can do a opposite activity each day, with a Safari Park, Waterbom (voted series 3 H2O park in a whole world!), swimming with dolphins, visiting turtle hatcheries and so many other things.”

Seana: “The kids clubs in Fiji are awesome. And there are glorious nannies for a small ones who are too immature for kids club. These won’t mangle a bank either. There are also heaps of activities for comparison kids and teenagers. My comparison boys both schooled to scuba dive on a final trip.”

Bali, wow.

Bali, wow.


Seana: “What about a H2O sports? In Fiji, if we stay on a Coral Coast or islands we can hurl out of bed and go loyal for a snorkel on a coral reef. You can also vessel around and do heaps of other H2O sports unequivocally easily.”

Maraya: “There are loads of places to snorkel in Bali. On one of a new trips we stayed in Candidasa and we took a vessel from right outward a resort. We saw turtles.”

Seana: “Well, in Fiji a island resorts are bliss and they’re not distant divided You can simply fly into Nadi and afterwards get to Denarau and locate a packet to be on your pleasant island bliss by afternoon. It’s an easy outing and all doable doorway to doorway during a day.”

Maraya: “Yeah yet you’re stuck, in a review on an island. Trapped if we will! In Bali we can get that relaxing island holiday feeling one day afterwards a subsequent day conduct off to Waterbom, a Safari Park, on an journey to a gorilla timberland in Ubud etc. You can try a island during your will- after all, a pool gets flattering tedious day in and day out.”

Seana: “What! Trapped on a Fiji island … yet there are so many things to do on a island resorts. we dream of being trapped on one.”

Bures in a sea in Fiji.

Bures in a sea in Fiji.Source:Supplied


Maraya: “My favourite thing about Bali is a operation of accommodation options — Fiji usually doesn’t offer this. Basically we get to your Fijian review and we are sealed in- same activities, same restaurants, same people- let’s face it, if it wasn’t for a fact a staff were Fijian we could be anywhere!

“In Bali we can select to stay in a review (kids clubs included), a hotel or we can get your possess private villa with a private pool starting during about $200 a night. It’s approach some-more affordable since in Bali it’s a box of supply and demand- there are so many places to eat that we can eat unequivocally affordably.

“You can even eat travel food for about $1 a meal. You can’t get that in your Fijian review — right?”

Seana: “Wrong. There are places to eat outward a resorts, usually conduct to a nearest village. And we can lease villas in Fiji too, yet they are a lot reduction good famous than a Bali villas. We once stayed in a villa in Bali yet that was pleasing yet stranded out on a possess in a rice paddies, so tough to keep 4 kids entertained there, we can tell you.”

The rice terraces of Bali. Picture: McKay Savage

The rice terraces of Bali. Picture: McKay Savage


Seana: “The Fjians are comfortable and welcoming and make their visitors feel so acquire and so safe. The guys wear flowers behind their ears and it seems like everybody plays guitar and sings their hearts out. And Fijians venerate kids so most too.”

Maraya: “I consider this is an equal win — a Fijian’s are pleasing yet so are a Balinese. Both cultures venerate children and have this beautiful, relaxing participation about them.

“When we took my afterwards 15-month-old to Bali she positively precious them all. She had never been peaceful to go with strangers before and in Bali they would take her during all a restaurants while we ate. Both places are so welcoming this way.”

Hanging with a locals in Fiji. Picture: kyle Post

Hanging with a locals in Fiji. Picture: kyle Post


Seana: “What about a time difference? Fiji’s one hour forward of easterly seashore of Australia yet Bali is 3 hours behind. Time differences kill my kids. The Bali disproportion means they are descending defunct into their cooking when adult with a larks. In Fiji they stay adult a bit after than common yet they nap in … hooray!”

Maraya: “In winter (non illumination savings) Bali is dual hours behind us — that let’s face it, is when we wish to go! I’ve never had an emanate with a time disproportion really. Sure it takes a day or dual to adjust yet we keep them so bustling in a day they nap like logs.”

Seana: “Fiji is closer than Bali. It’s a 4 hour moody from a easterly seashore of Australia to Fiji and it’s quicker on a approach home. To get to Bali takes during slightest 6 hours … and that dual hour time disproportion is outrageous when you’re drifting with kids.”

Maraya: “It’s loyal that Fiji is closer … if you’re on a easterly coast. But for a Perth people it’s usually a dual hour flight. The 6 hour moody isn’t too bad though, yet a night moody home is a killer. Fiji competence win a conflict in this area.”


Maraya: “Also, a weather. If we conduct to Fiji in a winter (especially on a coral coast) it can be cold! Cold breeze and too cold to swim. we don’t go to a tropics to get cold. Bali continue is ideal that time of year. Not too prohibited yet we feel like we are in a tropics.”

Seana: “Well, I’ve been to Fiji in winter and it’s been fanciful weather. Such a service after a cold winter in Sydney.”


I consider we competence have to determine to disagree. I’ll chose Fiji over Bali for a family holidays, yet Maraya’s already requisitioned her subsequent flights to Bali. How propitious are we in Australia to have such fab choices?

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