Fidler in a Hood: This Could Be The Start of Something Big

THIS IS IT, folks. Two years’ contributing to a Bonus and removing to know we down here on a Hibiscus Coast. Couldn’t have finished it though you! Many thanks, though it’s so easy to accommodate people down here. A box of any design tells a story.

The CO and we have a few good routines vital down here and one of them is visiting C-Bali Restaurant, St Michael’s beach on a Thursday dusk to suffer a dish there. The environment is superb, a accessible crowd; it has turn one of a favourite spots along a Hibiscus Coast.

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The other week business was sprightly and a grill utterly full. Looking around, we remarkable that one dilemma had been indifferent for a hens’ celebration – and what a flattering steer for your-eyes-only.

There was a brood of beauties, all dressed adult for a occasion. Armed with my reliable ballpoint and notepad, all in a name of ‘investigative journalism’, we gatecrashed a party.

Who’s a bride?

I approached one poetic lady “Are we a bride-to-be?” we asked, tongue-in-cheek. “Are we kidding?” she replied “I’m a crony of a bride’s mother!” Well, anyone can make a mistake, we guess.

She could have been a bride. Turned out to be Lindy Visser, lifelong (25 years) dear crony of Brenda Oxenham, shortly to be mother-in-law of Sylvester le Roux, bridegroom-to-be. Linda destined me to Brenda, who introduced me to a ‘star’ hens, daughter Sasha, sister Kimberleigh, cousin Bianca Passmore and Kirsty outpost der Walt, propagandize crony of Sasha, all bridesmaids-to-be, any and any one as flattering as a picture.

Sasha Oxenham and Sylvester le Roux hold their marriage accepting during a beautiful, willing Lake Eland.

Unfortunately impending bridesmaid, Kelly Stegan, of Hilton, KZN, couldn’t make a hens’ night out, though was there for a large occasion.

Which Oxenham are you?

Putting my eyes behind in their sockets, we incited again to Brenda and asked “That’s a informed name. Are we any tie to Alistair Oxenham of Trafalgar Beach, obvious engine automechanic in this area?

“No. we didn’t know there were other Oxenhams in a area.” we continued “When we initial came to work down here in KZN, we used to revisit Oxenham’s Bakery in Pietermaritzburg as an industrial family manager.” “Well, yes, we are partial of that Oxenham ‘dynasty’.” replied Brenda. It’s a tiny world, we thought.

Kimberleigh Oxenham (left) and Bianca Passmore applaud Sasha Oxenham’s ‘final fling’ before a marriage day.

I had cut my teeth on South African industrial family there, which, to put it mildly, was an preparation in itself. Somehow we lived to tell a story of life during Oxenham’s bakery. The bread was great, though tough going as an IR manager. When we was asked by the-then manager what was ‘an industrial family manager, and what or whom did we manage.’

I explained that ‘a new and cordial epoch was about to dawn; that government and workers would be operative closer together’. (Fancy words, we know.) The bakery manager smiled, replying “Well, we already have a system, attempted and trusted.” He non-stop his table drawer, and pulled out a sjambok. Here endeth a doctrine operative in IR in South Africa, 3 decades ago!

A family affair

Back to a Oxenhams of Uvongo. Too late for me to arrange an invitation, a marriage went swimmingly good during Lake Eland. Sasha and Sylvester have been an ‘item’ for 11 years and intent for 5 years.

Sylvester works divided as a comparison reserve officer and administrator on a cave in Liberia. My goodness, Sly! That contingency be challenging. The marriage was really most a family affair, both families, from Uvongo and Umtentweni respectively. Belinda Passmore, silent of bridesmaid Bianca, of B-Creations, Johannesburg, helped with a taste during C-Bali and was also a marriage planner.

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I sat behind and reflected on a Oxenham-le Roux wedding. We hear so most of a large South African family break-ups, sparse to a 4 corners of a earth. But here we have dual internal families, their brood together for over a decade before restraining a knot. Something to be pronounced for birthright and out-of-date family values. Good luck, Sasha and Sylvester and interjection to a Oxenham family for a story. See you, Rob.


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