Fidler in a Hood: There’s 10 immature bottles unresolved on a wall

MID-WINTER greetings. Today is a supposed longest day, a winter solstice, so open is not too distant away. We have a many stately continue for a winter, so notwithstanding a atmosphere of doom and gloom, both in S’Africa and a rest of a world, we live in a poetic place. If usually we could have a potholes filled in!

Cannery Row

One of a pleasures vital down here is to walk-jog-run along Lilliecrona Boulevard, from La Crete, Uvongo, to a distant finish and back.

It’s a good approach to keep fit, enjoying a beauty and observant ‘good morning’ to a unchanging ‘athletes’. One of life’s elementary pleasures. However, final week we was commencement to consternation if Lilliecrona Boulevard should be renamed after John Steinbeck’s classical ‘Cannery Row’. Or maybe Rotten Row?

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Monday is not a good day to go walkabout. The full length of a highway was dirty with empty, dejected drink cans, cosmetic bottles, spawn and other disreputable ‘things’. we attempted to collect a cans, place them in designated spawn bins, that are few and distant between. we collected during slightest 3 dozen cans and bottles before finally revelation defeat. we was fighting a losing battle.

Classy Claassie

Last Saturday we dragged myself off to St Mike’s for a weekly parkrun (four seconds faster, folks!). What repelled me many of all was a whole area was ravaged with damaged bottles, rubbish, litter, creation a place something of a disaster area.

It was terrible. we was only about to blubber to good crony and DA councillor Yvonne Claassen, who cut me brief with “Don’t start, Mr. Fidler. In one hour’s time this will all be privileged up”. The questioning in me pronounced to doubt Yvonne’s claim. we bit my tongue and kept schtum.

Besides, never disagree with a lady (and a councillor during that) – you’ll never win! we went walkabout on a parkrun, ‘fighting a universe in my mind”.

Fifty-eight mins after we was behind during C-Bali grill finishing line. ‘Is this a same place we started off?’ we asked myself.

The whole area had been spotless up, scarcely abandoned of any litter. The Claassen lady was right (again) and my faith in amiability was restored. Hats off to a internal municipality rubbish collectors and cleaners, who unequivocally did a argent job. Well done.

Really, George!

In mid-March we remarkable a travel light outward a home was not working. It only so happened that there were electricity workers attending to another travel flare some 100 metres away. we approached and asked if it was probable to repair a light outward a place.

An hour after we came behind home. Thumbs adult all round. we was formally tender though when we checked after that night – no light. Closer investigation suggested a light cover had been transposed (which was excellent in a initial place) though not a flare itself.

I dashed off an email to sentinel Councillor George Henderson, who in spin forwarded same to a Ray Nkonyeni municipality complaints department.

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The services dialect sent me a poetic note, acknowledging same, and even gave me dual anxiety numbers. That was in March.

When The Lights Go on Again

After 5 weeks out of a country, a CO and we returned to a poetic home in Uvongo, though still but an outward travel light. Poor George, a target of nonetheless another email from yours truly, who, once again forwarded to a RNM complaints department, adding ‘This man is not going away.’

Some 12 weeks later, zero doing, a travel light stays out of action. we listened by a grapevine that RNM ‘has no income for light bulbs’ and contingency wait for a new financial budget.

As Charlie Brown would contend “Good grief!” If someone tells me what distance light bulbs are needed, I’ll buy a integrate as a use to a community. All RNM has to do is move spin a cherry-picker, someone to shin adult a flare post, reinstate a tuber and voila! – Let there be light. See you, Rob.


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