Fidler in a Hood: Saluting Mick a soldier

HI Uvongo friends and neighbours. It is with unhappiness that your clerk reports that Mick Taylor died on Sep 25th after a prolonged illness. Ex-Royal Marine Mick and his mother Kay featured in a Uvongo news progressing this year.

Married for 51 years, Mick and Kay met and married in Port Stanley, Falkland Islands, while Mick was stationed there. They contend ‘war is hell’, though it has a compensations, as a Taylors would concur.

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The integrate were renouned bowlers during Riverside Sports Club in Uvongo and it was therefore wise that a commemorative use was hold there final Saturday. The bar was packaged with members and friends, covenant to a honour for Mick and a Taylors’ popularity.

It was also covenant to a aberration of a Hibiscus Coast people and a tighten encampment we have here. It never ceases to dazzle how ‘friends and neighbours’ comparison are there for any other.

Caught in a storm

What a week! We knew there was a H2O crisis, though did we need to be on a receiving finish of such a extreme storm? Caught in a eye of a charge in Durban and concerned to find out if we were on a receiving finish of ‘Hurricane Hibiscus’, a CO and we rushed home, though were propitious – there wasn’t too most damage.

However, internal beaches were awash with debris, that contingency have influenced restaurants tighten to a beach. Fortunately, a infancy of visitors have left and hopefully arrived home safely. We all know being in a grill business is unequivocally tough in a benefaction mercantile meridian and we do try to support internal businesses where we can.

Pop into C-Bali in St Michael’s and accommodate new owners Kim and Marcus Bengsch.

We’re agreeably astounded during a series of good restaurants here. One of a initial discoveries was a renouned C-Bali grill during St Michael’s beach and we were advantageous to accommodate owners Chris and Roberta Hulley. Roberta, creatively from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, trafficked a universe before settling in Shelly Beach to lift a family.

New owners

We were astounded and a tiny unhappy when a Hulleys told us they’d sole a grill and would deliver us to new owners, Marcus and Kim Bengsch. The line ‘as one doorway closes, another one opens’ sprung to mind.

In this case, a ‘new’ C-Bali restaurant: still a renouned venue, though ‘under new management’… The Hulleys had been a internal homogeneous of ‘Romance on a High Seas’, teaming adult as captain and organisation on private oppulance yachts between a Caribbean and a Mediterranean seas.

Your clerk was agreeably astounded that Marcus and Kim had trafficked a same path.

Marcus was a competent skipper, sailing super oppulance yachts from outlandish places to other glamorous destinations around a universe on interest of super-rich owners. Nice work if we can get it.

Kim and Marcus met ‘somewhere in a Mediterranean, though couldn’t remember accurately where; maybe a south of France?’ They have been together for 14 years, have dual pleasant children, Jaime (4) and Josh (2), and live in Southbroom.

The Essex girl

Marcus is from Durban and Kim is ‘an Essex girl’. Well, not quite: She told me that she was creatively from north Bedfordshire, that immediately done me ‘sit up’. “Whereabouts in Bedfordshire?” we asked. “Oh, in a really exhausted encampment called Thurleigh (pronounced.‘Thur-ligh’).” “I know Thurleigh well.

My sister lives in a subsequent encampment Milton Ernest and I’m a Glenn Miller and US 8th Airforce historian, so know a area really well.” Kim replied “Glenn Miller? You’d get on good with my dad. Do we know Milton Ernest Hall?” What a question!

Been there, got a T-shirt: Captain, after promoted to Major, Glenn Miller slept there a prior night en track to Twinwoods airfield before drifting to Paris on Dec 15, 1944, where he sadly left over a English Channel.

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Fact: Thurleigh Station 111 was a airfield from that a really initial USAAF bombing goal over Germany took off from in Aug 1944. There is a board in Thurleigh for a US airmen who were formed there during World War II.

I don’t consider all this trivia qualifies for any spirit points with C-Bali’s new owners, it’s simply a box of ‘it’s a tiny world, isn’t it?’ Good fitness and best wishes in your new adventure, Marcus and Kim. See you, Rob.



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