Feds find adult to 11 years for male who offering recommendation in Bali slaying …

Federal prosecutors are seeking for adult to 11 years behind bars for a Chicago male who helped manager his cousin in a marvellous murder of a lady during a Bali review in lapse for a share of her estate.

Although Robert Bibbs did not directly attend in a 2014 slaying of Sheila von Wiese-Mack, whose physique was detected pressed inside a bloodied suitcase, content messages Bibbs sent to his cousin, along with his statements to a FBI after a killing, showed he speedy a crime and approaching to be handsomely rewarded, prosecutors pronounced in a justice filing Monday.

“Babe we’re gonna be rich,” Bibbs texted his partner around a time of a slaying, according to a filing. “Heed those words.”

Bibbs, 26, is scheduled to be condemned subsequent week by U.S. District Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer. He pleaded guilty in Chicago in Dec to one count of swindling to dedicate unfamiliar murder of a inhabitant of a United States.

Tommy Schaefer, who is Bibbs’ cousin, had followed them to a review a week after their arrival. His flight, that cost some-more than $12,000, and his room were requisitioned regulating von Wiese-Mack’s credit card.

Schaefer testified during his murder hearing in Indonesia that von Wiese-Mack became indignant when he went to her hotel room and told her that Heather Mack was pregnant; he pronounced he struck her with a complicated steel fruit play hoop after she threatened to mistreat a unborn baby and afterwards began slaying him.

After a murder, a integrate pressed von Wiese-Mack’s bloody physique into a container before ditching it in a cab during a resort. When they were arrested a subsequent morning during a circuitously bill motel, Mack claimed kidnappers killed her mother, afterwards escaped.

Mack, 21, and Schaefer, 23, were convicted by an Indonesian jury in 2015. Both are portion jail sentences — 10 years for Mack and 18 years for Schaefer.

According to a rapist censure opposite Bibbs, he coached his cousin and Mack before a Bali outing on how to kill von Wiese-Mack though removing caught. He offering suggestions of a drug overdose done to demeanour like an collision or suffocation during sleep.

On a day of a murder, Bibbs, who lived in Chatham on a South Side, exchanged countless texts and Facebook messages with Mack and Schaefer about their plan. In one content to Mack, Bibbs told her to “go lay on her face with a pillow” or drown von Wiese-Mack after an try to drug a lady failed, justice annals show. Bibbs also warned a integrate about notice cameras that could locate them in a act.

In a review with Bibbs after a killing, Schaefer texted to contend that “for some reason” he didn’t feel bad, according to justice records.

“She wasn’t a good person,” Bibbs said. “There wasn’t any certain appetite expelled from her body.”

In seeking for a judgment of 9 to 11 years in jail for Bibbs, prosecutors pronounced that when he was initial confronted about his impasse in a murder tract in 2014, he showed a chilling miss of remorse.

“(Bibbs) did not find (it) cryptic that he supposing recommendation and support that led to a heartless murder,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Bolling Haxall wrote. “(He) still does not seem to acknowledge a earnest of a offense, a horrific approach Von Wiese perished, a impact on her friends and her family, and his possess culpability.”

Meanwhile, Bibbs’ sentencing might not be a final section in a high-profile case. The Tribune reported in Mar that a FBI was still actively questioning either “additional people” were concerned in a conspiracy. The avowal came in a hunt aver seeking to remove information from Mack’s iPhone, that was confiscated after her detain in Bali though remained sealed since she refused to give investigators her password, justice annals show.

The warrant’s 29-page affidavit, filed underneath sign on Jan. 4, sought to have a phone analyzed by an FBI debate dilettante to remove content messages, call records, photographs and during slightest one FaceTime discuss Mack had with Schaefer during their outing to Bali, annals show.


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