FBI still questioning if others concerned in murder of Heather Mack’s mother

The FBI is actively questioning either “additional people” were concerned in a swindling by Heather Mack and her then-boyfriend to murder Mack’s mom during a oppulance vacation in Bali, a justice filing done open Friday revealed.

The avowal came in a hunt aver seeking to remove information from Mack’s iPhone, that was confiscated after her detain in Bali in 2014 though remained hermetic given she refused to give investigators her password, justice annals show.

The phone had remained in a control of Indonesian authorities until December, when it was incited over to a FBI in Jakarta and after brought to Chicago.

Mack, 21, and her ex-boyfriend Tommy Schaefer, 23, were convicted by an Indonesian jury in 2015 of murdering Sheila von Wiese-Mack and stuffing her physique into a container during a Bali review hotel. Both are portion jail sentences — 10 years for Mack and 18 years for Schaefer.

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