Fashion engineer of liquidated Shakuhachi vital a high life in Bali, shirks questions of discontented customers

An Australian conform engineer is vital a high life in Bali while former business and creditors are left to ask where their income has gone.

Jessica White’s Instagram page facilities cinema of a conform engineer enjoying nightfall drinks during a Bali beach bar and kicking behind on lifelike beaches.

But behind home, Ms White’s company, Shakuhachi, owes some-more than 80 creditors roughly $1 million.

A Shakuhachi shopfront

Liquidator Andrew Spring has been examining Shakuhachi’s books and says there is a vast swag of income that stays unaccounted for.

“The company’s deficiencies is around about $750,000,” Mr Spring told A Current Affair.

“We’ve been means to brand somewhere in a closeness of $600,000 of supports that seem to be taken out for Jessica White’s personal benefit, or for a associated association tranquil by Jessica White.

“At this stage, we’ve put some final on Jessica White in propinquity to those supports that seem to have been cold for non-business purposes.”

A Shakuhachi shopfront in Bali

Mr Spring says Shakuhachi was sole dual years ago and ever since, he has been perplexing to get answers from Ms White about a $600,000 she appears to owe creditors, that embody suppliers and former staff.

“We, as yet, have not listened her side of a story. So we would inspire her to make hit with us to be means to explain how these exchange arose,” he said.

The liquidator would also like to know how Ms Spring supports her lifestyle in Bali and either she is still working.

But a categorical thing they would like to know is when she skeleton to lapse to Australia to answer their questions and those of Shakuhachi’s unfortunate customers, of that there are many.

NSW Fair Trading Minister Matt Keen says Shakuhachi has been theme to 155 complaints given Jan 2016.

“We will take no prisoners to get to a bottom of what’s left on and take movement opposite Shakuhachi,” he said.

Ms White enjoying a object in Bali

Niquita Miller-Hayes is one of Shakuhachi’s indignant customers, carrying paid for panoply online though never receiving a panoply or a refund.

“I placed dual orders with a association dual days detached totalling $400,” Ms Miller-Hayes said.

“I don’t see how it can be legal. You can’t take people’s income and afterwards only disappear.

“It’s appalling. It’s positively appalling.

University tyro Jess Nicholls is another discontented patron who paid online and never perceived a equipment or a refund.

“Looks like she’s carrying a good time, looks like I’ve saved a satisfactory few bottles of champagne,” Ms Nicholls said.

“I wish we are enjoying yourself while people behind here are undone and losing out.

“I’d adore to be carrying a good time in Bali.”

Ms White sipping white booze in Bali

It took 4 months, though Annie McFarlane did get a Shakuhachi panoply she systematic online.

But she believes they were feeble done and a wrong size.

“It was only a finish rubbish of income and in fact, a garments, we substantially put them in some kids dress-up somewhere since we can’t wear them,” Ms McFarlane said.

All Shakuhachi sales in Australia are now online, though indignant business like Ms McFarlane contend there appears to be a pattern.

“It only seems to be customary sale, close website down, can’t hit anyone, room closes, bureau closes and when sale starts again, it all starts adult again,” Ms McFarlane said.

Ms White with Lindy Klim

One of a 80 out-of-pocket creditors is Woollahra Council, in Sydney’s upmarket eastern suburbs.

Councillor Andrew Petrie says Ms White’s association due a legislature $1,200 for rubbish collection from her former store in a area when it went into liquidation.

“It’s positively shocking,” Cr Petrie said.

“We’ve created it off. Which is rare, in a case. But we have, in this case, created it off.

“It’s only an impact again on a services. To services, things like Meals on Wheels, services for children. All those matters would impact on those services.”

Some of a women burnt after shopping Shakuhachi panoply online

While creditors and business are left to consternation if they will ever see their income again, Ms White has been sunning herself in Bali with luminary friends like Lindy Klim.

“I’m certain there are a lot of people who are unfortunate with her. So we theory that’s because she’s over there,” Ms Nicholls said.

“You can’t only take someone’s income and consider that we don’t have to give it behind to them, or we don’t have to do an order,” Ms Miller-Hayes said.

“I consider over here, she substantially wouldn’t have been means to censor as much. we consider over there, she thinks she can hide,” Ms McFarlane said.

You can watch a full video and review a matter from Ms White on the A Current Affair website.

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