Family pierce from south London to pleasant bliss of Bali – where …

For many immature London parents, a start of a day involves rushing their children to propagandize after frantically putting breakfast on a table. 

But Hannah and Patrick Canavan’s mornings tend to be some-more relaxing affairs, involving a outing to a beach or a burst in a pool after they left chaotic London for a new life in Bali.

The family, creatively from Croydon, took their children from deepest south London to a new life on a island – where a family are removing by unequivocally absolutely on £1,000 a month. 

The family, from Croydon, have started a new life on a bliss island of Bali

Inspired by a backpacking and volunteering holiday in Thailand 10 years ago, Hannah, 28, and Patrick, 31, took a thrust and left their normal life in Caterham a month ago when they changed to a Indonesian island with their 3 children Esmae, six, Eira, 5 and Elfie, two.

Mr Canavan quit his bustling personal tutor pursuit and a family jetted off to Sanur, to start an open-ended journey – with a aim of eventually anticipating a gift they trust in to work for full-time.  

The family were renting in London and left with £5,000 of savings.

The family cooking internal food and cooks during home on one tiny gas hob ring

Mrs Canavan is ancillary a family’s lifestyle abroad by operative online as a freelance transport and parenting writer. The integrate also run a blog and YouTube channel. 

“Patrick and we knew we wanted to do this for scarcely 8 years… going divided means that we get to spend some-more peculiarity time together and Patrick gets to spend time with a girls, that is important,” she said. 

The family left a UK and fled a cold weather, rushing around and chaotic life in London

“We left some-more than a month ago now, on Eira’s fifth birthday on 3rd October, she was unequivocally excited.”

“People consider we have to be super abounding to do this though it indeed costs a lot reduction to live and try here than it does only to live in London,” she added.

The family dreamed of their large pierce opposite a universe for 8 years

“Our lease here in Bali costs £300 per month and a residence has a swimming pool and is 5 mins from a beach.

“We will have lived for £1000 for a whole month, by eating internal food and cooking during home on a one tiny gas hob ring. 

“Lots of people could do this, though they don’t realise.” 

Patrick Canavan with daughters Esmae, 6, Eira, 5, and Elfie, 2

An normal day sees Mr Canavan take a 3 girls to a beach in a morning while his mom writes, before all spend a afternoon together relaxing or volunteering during charities.

“We have always lived a ease lifestyle, though now we take things unequivocally slowly,” Mrs Canavan said.

The integrate already home-schooled their children and trust transport is a improved preparation than what was on offer in London. 

The family, who are also accompanied by Mrs Canavan’s mom Jayne Davies, 55, who “came along for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” after retiring, are not certain they will ever lapse to a capital.

They intend to spend a few some-more weeks in Bali before spending dual months in Thailand and time in Vietnam, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

Mrs Canavan said: “We will re-group in a year and see where we are at.

“We will skip a people, though we don’t skip anything else about London. We don’t skip rushing around and a chaotic lifestyle and a gripping adult with a Joneses aspect of life, or a residence cleaning – or a weather.”

She added: “We are not special – if we can do this, lots of people can.”

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