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Take a demeanour into a photo-journal of Daron Bandeira (Co-Founder of AfroBougee) as he ventures into Bali – a biggest finish on Earth

When someone says ‘Bali,’ what do we see?

The Indonesian range has turn synonymous with mile-long stretches of white sand, thick hills of sensuous immature jungle and imperishable volcanic hillsides – all together crafting some of a many monumental views that a Earth has to offer. With sights like these and a repute so high, it is easy to know since Bali walked divided as a many renouned holiday finish in 2017, and was even crowned a ‘greatest finish on Earth’ by TripAdvisor.

But what unequivocally creates it so great? It was usually about time for Ghanaian-based transport photographer, Daron Bandeira, to see what all a bitch is about.

From Ghana to Bali
The range of Bali binds usually a few of a thousands of volcanic islands that make adult a Republic of Indonesia. It has a race of usually over 4 million, with many of that race (over 80%) practicing Balinese Hinduism. Despite that, Bali is comfortable and welcoming of all colours and faiths.

After scarcely 24-hours of journeying from Ghana to Indonesia, Bandeira landed in Denpasar, a collateral of Bali. As it was Bandeira’s initial outing to Asia, it was good value a prolonged journey: “[Visiting Indonesia] was some-more like a find of what it is like being in a nation that you’ve listened usually of from videos online about how extraordinary it was.” Finally, it was time to learn a islands’ sorcery for himself.


Of course, when initial nearing to a unfamiliar city, what is one to do? Well for Bandeira, an drifting transport down a road, a demeanour adult to a tattoo salon sign, and an guileless preference led him to removing his initial ever tattoo during Beach Tattoo Canggu (sorry mom!).

This is where he met Augustin, his tattoo artist, a unapproachable father of one with his best tattoo indeed on his stomach of his daughter. Bali is apropos an impossibly renouned mark for removing inked. The apparatus is clean, a pattern is affordable, and you’re flattering many removing inked in paradise. Is there anything unequivocally interlude you?

Out from a tattoo salon and on to a beach. “Even yet we felt like we was a usually black chairman in a 10 mile stretch, it was usually overwhelming saying a perspective from a beach,” common Bandeira. A brief wander to Echo beach, one of a many beaches found in Canggu, will land we in one of a fastest flourishing roller spots, with sunkissed tourists basking on a beach, beachfront restaurants backing a silt with some of a excellent seafood, and cocktails of all kinds to keep a good vibes going. Make certain we squeeze a roasted corn poke off of a beach vendors as good – these bad boys make a good break and are super delicious.

A 90-minute cab float brought Bandeira by a bustling city of Denpasar to a loose coastal encampment of Canggu, eminent for a surf, beaches and nightlife.


Then ready yourself for one of Mother Nature’s many marvellous works of art: sunset. Echo beach is a ideal mark for a marriage or pre-wed shot, or for couples and honeymooners – a colours usually never stop to amaze.

Conversely, we can conduct to Tanah Lot for another marvellous sunset. It has turn one of Bali’s many conspicuous sights, famed for a Pura Tanah event church set on an removed stone in a sea – clearly formulating a possess little island. “Tanah Lot usually has it. It is a one in a lifetime event to see one of a best sunsets in a world,” Bandeira affirms. The object sets behind a offshore church withdrawal we in comprehensive awe, that has also finished it a hotspot for tourists and photographers. Doubt me?

See for yourself.

A outing to Bali is not finish though removing to see a Kecak dance. The Kecak glow dance is formed on a normal Balinese protocol though was indeed combined by a German painter and musician in a 1930s. It roots from a famous epic Hindu story of a Ramayana and brings together tradition, ritual, entertainment and enlightenment into this unequivocally performance. “It was extraordinary to watch and see enlightenment and tradition being displayed,” pronounced Bandeira. “It was unequivocally charming and unequivocally something we have to watch out for when we get to Bali.

Take a expostulate into a sensuous uplands of Bali and you’ll find yourself in Ubud. It’s a immature town, lonesome in unenlightened rainforest and rice paddies, sparse with Hindu shrines and temples, formulating some of today’s many tangible landscapes.

Bandeira was forsaken off during Ulun Ubud, a pleasing and outlandish review nestled in a center of a jungle. “One of a categorical highlights was a review we stayed in, Ulun Ubud. It has an extraordinary perspective over a jungle with a unequivocally good gigantic pool. From a accepting all a approach to a rooms, to a design, a sauna and a bathrooms – it’s usually a home divided from home.”

I rarely suggest it for new lovers, honeymooners, people who are writers – also a good place for photographers since of a unaware space of a jungle.”




Ubud is one of those places that even after saying a million photos of it before to indeed visiting, it will still positively take your exhale away. Nothing can ready we for a beauty and peace that you’ll find in such morality – a fantastic views that we can locate from a stand to a tip of a rice terraces, connecting with a other tourists over live song during CP Louge, negotiate with a shopkeepers during a Ubud market, or removing to know a internal community. “In Ubud, all is a bike float away… Community in one large thing in Ubud.

At a rice terraces, we can try opposite forms of coffee – from a many costly coffee in a universe to a opposite flavoured coffees. The locals will be happy to take we by a tasting methods. And we can even get some of these things to take away.

One confront in sold unequivocally noted Bandeira’s trip. “In Ubud, we visited Tegenungan waterfall, that was beautiful. It was a good impulse to simulate on life and what kind of present that we had gotten for myself, since I’m there and since we feel so sanctified to be there,” Bandeira reflected. “I shot a 50-year-old male behaving a yoga poise right on a corner of a rapids on a tree stump… That was one of a best moments. He supposed that we take his picture, that was utterly a good payoff for me.

Gili Islands
Last stop, Gili Islands. The Gili Islands is a tiny archipelago stoical of 3 islands right subsequent to Bali and Lombok in a range of West Nusa Tenggara. They are finished adult of Gili Trawangan (Gili T), Gili Meno (Gili M) and Gili Air (Gili A). It is dual to 3 hour vessel float divided from Bali and an comprehensive must-visit.

Once we set feet on one of a islands, squeeze a bike and cycle around a whole island with ease: “Gili is ease beaches all around a widen of a island. You’d be means to debate a island in about 40 mins to an hour, and see all a opposite sights.” The islands are pacific and relaxed, lined with restaurants, cafes and resorts along a beaches. There are no cars or motorised vehicles in Gili, that maintains a pacific and ease spirits of a islands.

After a bike float around a island, since not try one of a many activities that Gili has to offer? From sea explorations to stellar views, Gili has it all. “There’s so many activities. You can do diving, we can do snorkeling, we can do parasailing. Gili has good sunsets with swings in a water. You’ll see one of a many pleasing sunsets that you’ve ever seen.”

Once a object goes down, it’s time knowledge some good ole Gili nightlife. Gili T is a busiest and many visited of a islands, famous as a celebration island. “Gili during night is lively,” explains Bandeira. “You can possibly watch a film on a hulk shade entertainment tighten to a water, or we can go to a party. Parties in Gili are crazy since everybody usually comes around to dance. But all parties stop during 12 am so there’s still patience for we to nap during night.”

If parties are not for you, conduct over to Gili A, where you’ll find a incomparable internal community, or Gili M, ideal for couples and honeymooners. Need not worry, there is a Gili island for everyone.

The Greatest Destination on Earth
So what unequivocally creates Bali so great?

For Bandeira, “What creates bali good is a village – a clarity of village – from a people entrance from opposite tools of a world, in a pleasing place with pleasing scenery. The one thing that creates bali extraordinary is a village – it’s easy to socialize, it’s easy to speak to people. Everybody’s welcoming. The approach a city is forged out, it’s easy to find places, it’s easy to go from one mark to another. It’s also easy to learn new things, like surfing, and things that you’ve never finished before. It gives we an ideal experience.

Bali is extraordinary since of a brew of enlightenment and luxury. The culture, in terms of how a locals are and accept we with their friendliness, their approach of dressing, their makeup, their dancing. That’s what creates Bali unequivocally special – it’s what creates a whole tour from Africa to Bali value it – since of all these practice that we get.

Being one of a unequivocally few black travellers around crafted a singular knowledge for Bandeira, though also astounded him with how welcoming a village was. “As an African roving all a approach to Asia and being in Bali, we felt like we was in between dual worlds. we was assembly Asian people and we was assembly Europeans who both wanted to get to know me and know some-more about where I’m entrance from. we was removing courtesy from dual opposite groups of people, that finished me feel unequivocally opposite and unequivocally conclude myself since they wanted to know some-more about my culture.

In a end, it was all about sell – it was about exchanging cultures, languages and perspectives. Bali showed Bandeira since it is a biggest finish on Earth: “I would go behind to Bali since of a easy entrance to extraordinary places, a culture, a trips, a landscapes, a hotels, a community, a parties.

As for Bandeira? He showed Bali that yes, Africans do travels. And, they transport in style.

Written by Alexxa Walker
Photography and Story by Daron Bandeira

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