Ex On The Beach array 7 choice REVEALED

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Twice a year a telly boxes get positively LIT adult as a bucket of hot, smart-alecky singles shed adult in a oppulance villa. And afterwards a bucket of their hot, smart-alecky exes stand adult out of a sea to means a whole store of dramz, dramz, dramz. Is there anything improved than Ex On The Beach? The answers no, obv.

Soon a Tablet of Terror will be behind to means all kinds of mayhem with 2017’s second complement of a fieriest existence TV uncover ever.

Here’s what we know about Ex On The Beach array 7 and a rumoured choice so far.

When is Ex On The Beach behind on?

We don’t have an accurate start date for Ex On The Beach only nonetheless (we’re on a case, dw) though it’s suspicion a new array will atmosphere during some time in June. So radically in reduction than dual months. YAAAAS.

Where is a Ex On The Beach villa?

This deteriorate a all a movement is going down during a lush villa on a Indonesian island of Bali. Fancayyyy.

Who’s confronting a Tablet of Terror on a subsequent deteriorate of Ex On The Beach?

From Joshua Ritchie’s forlorn shit-stirring to a whole Nicole Bass – Jacques Fraser – Frankie Spong intrigue saga, we’re still held adult in all a play from a final array of EOTB, though some BIG names have been thrown around for a subsequent array and we’re removing flattering excited.

There were formerly rumours drifting around that Stephanie Davis would be fasten this year’s expel after Jeremy McConnell was named as a potential. She’s given denied these claims as saying a Jez is now in rehab, we’re meditative he’s out of a using too.

Love Island‘s Katie Salmon was also suspicion to be drifting out for a thespian summer in a villa though it turns out it may only have been a large misunderstanding.

BUT according to The Sun these guys are passed cert for a code news array and we’re awaiting BIG things.

Sam Reece

While Jeremy and Steph seem to me blank from a lates line-up, Steph’s ex – we know a one she cheated on with Jez on Celebrity Big Brother – is apparently filming in Bali for EOTB array 7.

We’re awaiting him to brief a beans on that whole debacle, and honestly we can't wait.

The Sun Online suggested Sam would be fasten a line adult progressing this year, though it was reported his coming on a uncover caused a lot of play with his partner Hariette Harper – who we might recognize from a final series.

Chloe Ferry

Ultimate radgie Chloe Ferry has been related to a news array for some time now.

A source told The Sun: “Chloe is good TV and is certain to stir things adult on a show.

“She doesn’t reason reason behind during all and after a few drinks she will really tell people what she thinks of them.”

After her antics on Celebrity Big Brother progressing this year, we’re certain Chloe’s going to yield a LOT of entertainment.

Marty McKenna

Joing Chloe is her Geordie Shore co-star and former bae Marty McKenna. The span have famously been inextricable in a ton of dramz together so we’re certain there’s going to be no necessity of agg between them on EOTB.

Max Morely

You might recognize Max Morely from 2015’s Love Island. Max indeed won a show, along with Jessica Hayes, though a span separate only one month after a final. He’s given been related to Charlotte Crosby, Noami Ball and Zara Holland.

Fatima Rull

Jordan Wright

Fireman and DJ Jordan formerly antiquated I’m A Celeb leader Vicky Pattison, though pronounced he ‘dodge a bullet’ by violation adult with her. He claimed Vicky rekindled her attribute with John Noble only days after bursting with Jordan. Interesting.

Sydney Longmuir

Georgia Crone

Georgia’s best pals with Chloe Khan and has modeled for Gaz Beadle, Scotty T and Aaron Chalmers’ garments code ASG.

Leonie and Che McSorley


Model twins Leonie and Che quickly seemed on Geordie Shore behind in 2015 though their time on EOTB will be their longest existence TV army and we’re presaging a few of a boys will have their eyes on a girls.


Lee Moran

Lee’s attainment on a beach is set to means a whole bucket of agg for one of a McSorely sisters as he’s indeed Che’s ex. DRAMZ.

Brad Hayward

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