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The with a transition from dry to soppy season, many snakes in Bali are on a pierce migrating to new homes that might embody a gardens and substructure areas of houses and villas in Bali.

What improved time to learn some-more about a many class of snakes found on a Island of Bali?

Join a initial Bale Banjar Culture Club gathering on Sunday, Nov 12, 2017 during a Ayodya Bali Resort in Nusa Dua.

A free-of-charge entertainment hold on a dusk of a second Sunday of any month, a Bale Banjar Culture Club aims to benefaction fun and engaging presentations on Balinese life, enlightenment and story for Island residents and visitors. A money bar opens during 6:00 pm with a Culture Club module starting during 7:00 pm and durability around 45 minutes, including a brief doubt and answer event with a speaker.

The première of a Bale Banjar Culture Club will underline Ron Lilley, a Bali-based herpetologist. A prolonged time proprietor of a Island, Lilley has been called “The Snake Man of Bali” for his comprehensive believe per snakes and for organizing a Bali Snake Patrol that frequently rescues snakes that have found their approach into hotels, private villas and internal communities.

Ron Lilley will pronounce on “Snakes in Bali Culture,” providing insights on internal attitudes and beliefs about snakes and reconnoitre those in assemblage with a some of a 46 class of land snakes and 15 class of sea snakes autochthonous to Bali – many of that have been photographed by Lilley.

Ron will yield a rapid-fire visible debate on lizard identification, lizard proofing and snakebites – job on his endless knowledge as a veteran herpetologist.

Ron will share tips on lizard safety, shortening lizard fear, and dispelling misconceptions about snakes

Ron will also move several “well-behaved” non-venomous snakes along as partial of his Sunday dusk presentation.

After any presentation, a orator will sup during a Ayodya’s Waterfall Restaurant where an appealing cooking package is on offer.

Bale Banjar Culture Club
Schedule of Speakers
7:00 pm – Ayodya Bali Resort during a Bale Banjar

Sunday – 12 Nov 2017
Snakes in Bali Culture
By Ron Lilley of Bali Snake Patrol

Sunday – 10 Dec 2017
The Shadows that Dance in and Out of My Memory: Bali 1964 -2009
By Janice Mantjika
Mantjika shares her practice as a immature mom and mom transplanted from New Zealand that desirous her book “The Shadows that Dance in and Out of My Memory”. Landing in Bali with a tot daughter and a Balinese father in 1964 on a eve of a many scattered duration in Indonesian history, “Jan” will share sum of her conspicuous life in Bali over a indirect 4 decades.

Sunday – 14 Jan 2018
Topic and Speaker to be advised

Sunday – 11 Feb 2018
Do we Dare to be a Balinese?
By we Gusti Raka Panji Tisna
A connoisseur of U.S. and Australian Universities, Panji is a male of many parts: author, informative expert, lecturer, dancer and internationally approved Yoga instructor all combining partial of his different and engaging biography. While many fantasize on a halcyon existence of being “born Balinese,” Panji will share a specific hurdles and tribulations of what flourishing adult in a Balinese domicile entails.

Sunday – 11 Mar 2018
Topic and orator to be advised

Sunday – 8 Apr 2018
Balinese Music Demystified
Vaughan Hatch – Ethnomusicologist
Native New Zealander and ethnomusicologist Vaughan Hatch initial came to Bali in 1997 to embark what has turn a life-long investigate of normal Balinese music. Along a approach Hatch determined a Balinese family and founded a Sanur-baed Mekar Bhuana low-pitched organisation dedicated to preserving ancients forms of Balinese gamelan and compositions. Hatch is certain to supplement insights that will raise everyone’s appreciation of Balinese Music

Bale Banjar Culture Club
Second Sunday of Every Month Starting during 7:00
Ayodya Bali Resort – Nusa Dua

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