Environmental Org. Wants Weah Back-off from Bali Island

Partial perspective of Bali Island
(FPA image)

-says Liberia is not brief of land for new infrastructure

Barely one week after President George Weah done famous his intend to renovate a Bali Island into “new Monrovia,” internal environmental charge and advocacy organizations have pronounced that a preference contingency be reconsidered as a Island is a signatory to a Ramsar Convention.

The Convention on Wetlands, called a Ramsar Convention, is a intergovernmental covenant that provides a setting for a charge and correct use of wetlands and their resources. The Convention was adopted in a Iranian city of Ramsar in 1971 and came into force in 1975. In Liberia, it covers a Bali, on Bushrod Island in Monrovia, a Kpatawee Waterfalls, in Bong County, and a Gbedin Waterfalls, in Nimba County.

And since of this, authorities of a Liberia Center for Environmental Education and Research (LICER) have called on a Weah administration to revoke a preference wanting to renovate a Bali Island into a city, where a due contention core will be named in respect of late Indian Prime Minister Mahatma Gandhi.

“Let a supervision name another plcae for this due devise as Liberia is not brief of land to build a many landmark infrastructures; therefore, a boss should back-off from a plan,” LICER pronounced in a statement.

LICER Incorporated, in a new press statement, removed how in 2003, Liberia became a state celebration to a Ramsar Convention, that directed is to strengthen wetlands as tellurian horizon.

The matter serve that a Ramsar Convention identified 5 wetlands of environmental significance to be saved and protected, that embody Mesurado (Montserrado), Lake Piso (Cape Mount), Marshal (Margibi), Kpatawee (Bong) and  Gbedin, in Nimba County.

Also, a statement, that referenced a Ramsar’s annotated list of wetlands’ general importance, combined that a 6,760 hectares of wetland is critical for a word of 3 mangrove class (Rhizophora harrisonii, R. smack and Avicennia africana), that are threatened by heated colourless blazing and fuel timber collection.

It combined that a wetland also provides a auspicious medium and feeding belligerent for several class of birds, including a African spoonbill Platalea alba, Common Pratincole Glareola nuchaltis and Curlew Numenius arquata. The island is also a medium for exposed African dwarf crocodile, a Nile crocodile and a African sharp-nosed crocodile, and plays an critical purpose in shoreline stabilization and lees trapping.

Moreover, LISER pronounced that a defilement by a  Liberian supervision to medium a Bali Island signals an “unwillingness to respect agreement done by a predecessors.

“Contrary to a beliefs of a Ramsar Convention, Liberia has motionless to violate a purpose of this all critical authorised document. The movement of a George Weah-led supervision sends a transparent vigilance that it is not prepared to respect any agreement entered into by a predecessors,” a matter said.

Meanwhile, a Daily Observer has schooled that authorities during a Ministry of Public Works has requested a Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to emanate an environmental certificate that would concede a devise to ahead.

In that regard, it is reported that a EPA has requested supervision to control an environmental comment on a Island before serve contention is hold as to either a devise will ensue or not.

It can be removed that in March, President Weah sensitive reporters during a debate of a Bali Island that he envisions skyscrapers, bureau buildings, selling malls, banks, word companies, night clubs, pleasing lights and pretentious colors multiplying there.


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