Enough, Already


Metrobali.com quotes, Putu Satya Wira a authority of a Bali section of a Indonesian Tourism Workers Union (FSP PAR SPSI) who says tourism workers in his classification support a duration on new accommodation and hotel projects in Bali.

Putu Satya’s comments were done during a “Halal Bihalal” entertainment hold on Saturday, Aug 22, 2017, in Denpasar, Bali. The Union Chief pronounced a series bedrooms in Bali now some-more than 130,000 – a series that distant exceeds direct and that is fueling an diseased cost fight among hotel operators. In turn, he says a stream investment meridian in Bali is not conducive.

Expressing a concerns of a Union’s membership, Putu Satya says a stream overbuilt conditions threatens a peculiarity of a Bali tourism product and a gratification of those operative in a tourism industry.

Echoing Putu Satya is a authority of the Bali section of a Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI-Bali), Tjokorda Oka A.A. Sukawati (Cok Ace) who is job on a Government to umpire a hotel attention to safety a careers of those who work in that sector.

“The cost fight is not usually diseased for businesses and a tourism industry, though a workers in tourism also suffer. Rooms are being sole during too low prices to attract tourists and a salaries of those operative also decline. This has to be overcome!” warned Cok Ace.

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