Eight Great Places for Authentic Sushi in Jakarta and Bali

Japanese restaurants can be found all over a place in a collateral and other large cities in Indonesia. Many internal news stories underline Japanese restaurants in their tip picks for good eats, city to city.

However, in terms of peculiarity and authenticity, it’s still deliberate formidable to find truly genuine Japanese restaurants that offer well-developed sushi rolls and sashimi.

One reason for this is that many internal Japanese restaurants have mutated their styles to fit Indonesian ambience buds. Another probable reason is that a grill is not indeed a genuine Japanese brand, though instead an Indonesian-owned chain.

For expats who prolonged to knowledge a authentic ambience of genuine Japanese cuisine, here are 8 good places where we can find a genuine understanding when it comes to Japanese food in Jakarta and Bali.


Kaihomaru is a good famous Japanese restaurants during Citywalk Sudirman in Central Jakarta and Melawai in South Jakarta. In further to employing Japanese chefs exclusively, Kaihomaru also decorates a interior to make business feel as if they have been ecstatic true to Japan.


Kaihomaru sushi | Photo pleasantness of Zomato

Kaihomaru sushi | Photo pleasantness of Zomato


This grill serves old-school sushi rolls along with an endless preference of uninformed sashimi. Additionally, according to several reviews, Kaihomaru serves inexhaustible portions compared to other internal Japanese restaurants. You competence pattern to spend Rp.800,000 (US$60) for dual people during this place. You’ll compensate an additional Rp.30,000 to Rp.50,000 (US$2.25 to US$3.75) for a tiny bottle of beer, while consequence competence cost around Rp.298,000 (US$22).


Due to a vital plcae on a third building of Kyoei Prince Tower on Sudirman, Goemon is infrequently referred to as one of a tip restaurants for internal and Japanese workers in a circuitously area. During a week, in a late afternoon and evening, this grill is mostly filled with Japanese folks who work in a building – a covenant to a venue’s authenticity.


Goemon sushi| Photo pleasantness of Manual Jakarta

Goemon sushi| Photo pleasantness of Manual Jakarta


The decorations demeanour aged and vintage, though they are also one of a highlights of Goemon. The some-more comparison wait staff competence also stir we with their normal Japanese mannerisms, taught meticulously by a management.

The endorsed sushi preference in this grill is nothing other than a creatively served Salmon Sushi and California Maki. Meal prices time in on normal between Rp.300,000 and Rp.350,000 (US$22 to US$26) for dual people.


Hotel Indonesia by Kempinski has one of a best Japanese restaurants in town. This reward Japanese grill is led by famous cook Kazumasa Yazawa and competence be a tiny some-more costly compared to other excellent dining Japanese establishments in Jakarta.


Photo Courtesy of OKU Jakarta

Photo Courtesy of OKU Jakarta


For those who adore morality and modernism, we competence wish to give OKU a try. This grill is flashy with a complicated interior. It has a relaxing atmosphere and worldly seat that creates a place feel relaxed and elegant.

The endorsed transport during this authentic Japanese grill is a Oku Aburi Salmon Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll and Hotate (the Japanese word for scallops). Plan to spend adult to Rp.450,000 (US$33.78) per chairman incompatible use taxation during this spot. It’s a bit expensive, though hopefully, you’ll know where your income is going.


Another authentic Japanese grill located in one of a many prestigious hotels in Jakarta is Asuka. The venue is located in a J.W. Marriott Hotel on Jalan Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta.


Asuka Sushi | Photo Courtesy of TripAdvisor

Asuka Sushi | Photo Courtesy of TripAdvisor


The biggest thing about this grill is that 90 percent of a mixture are alien from a one and usually Tsukiji and Fukuoka Fish Market in Japan. Many explain that Asuka has a best sushi and sashimi in Jakarta,

Similar to OKU, Asuka is also mouth-watering with a relaxing nonetheless minimalist interior pattern total with several VIP bedrooms flashy with Tatami. When grouping a full march meal, we competence pattern to compensate during slightest Rp.300,000 (US$22) per person.


For those who are looking for a good Japanese mark for a family gathering, we competence wish to cruise Sake+. The grill is located on Jalan Senopati in South Jakarta nearby Anomali Coffee and Colette and Lola.


Sake+ Kempinski | Photo Courtesy of Eatandtreats

Sake+ Kempinski | Photo Courtesy of Eatandtreats


Aside from a far-reaching operation of sushi, this place also has one of a largest consequence selections in a country. According to a reviews, Sake+ has a many finish list of authentic consequence and several forms that can’t be found elsewhere in Indonesia.

At this place, we competence pattern to spend around Rp.200,000 (US$15) for dual people. The cost competence be deliberate some-more affordable compared to other restaurants on this list.


Kajin is a tiny Japanese grill located in Seminyak, Bali. Rather than regulating sushi machines or circuit belts to offer a customers, Kajin chose a pattern of a correct sushi bar, where business can be served directly by a chefs.


KAJIN sushi | Photo pleasantness of Chope

KAJIN sushi | Photo pleasantness of Chope


At Kajin, you’ll be greeted with contemporary decorations along with eye-catching lights above a sushi bar, that is an mouth-watering hold to a ambiance.

With approximately Rp.200,000 (US$15) in your pocket, we competence suffer excellent Japanese delicacies on a “Island of a Gods.”

Nishiazabu Imadoki

Located in a Watermark hotel in Jimbaran, Bali, Nishiazabu Imadoki is an strange Japanese grill that held a courtesy of locals and tourists alike. Led by Japanese cook Sonoda, this grill offers a truly authentic ambience of Japan. The excellent dining grill is also famous for a approach it artistically presents a dishes.


Nishiazabu Imadoki | Photo Courtesy of TripAdvisor

Nishiazabu Imadoki | Photo Courtesy of TripAdvisor


Some contend that Nishiazabu Imadoki is arguably a best and many authentic Japanese grill on a island. Tourists mostly event on this place accidentally. To locals, a grill is seen as a dark gem in Bali.

Although located in a hotel, Nishiazabu Imadoki is affordable, with cost operation of Rp.300,000 to Rp.400,000 (US$22 to US$30) for dual people.


Ryoshi was one of a initial Japanese restaurants to ever be determined in Bali. Today, it has 5 grill locations, with a busiest one located on Jalan Kartika in South Kuta.


Ryoshi Bali | Photo Courtesy of KuraKuraGuide

Ryoshi Bali | Photo Courtesy of KuraKuraGuide


In this place, we competence suffer a accumulation of uninformed sushi and sashimi with live jazz song in a background. The venue itself is friendly and gentle with low lighting and comfortable timber furniture. For those looking for affordable nonetheless authentic sushi, Ryoshi is expected a good mark to consider. You can pattern to spend around Rp.300,000 (US$22) for dual people and Rp.45,000 (US$3.38) for a pint of beer.




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