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After meditative Bali had outgrown him, Craig Tansley discovers a partial of a island that takes him behind to his initial outing to Bali 25 years ago.

  • Mt Agung, Bali’s tallest mountain, casts a shade over many of East Bali

  • East Bali is that picture we had of Bali – all mountains, rice paddies and forest. Photo: supplied

  • Silhouette of palm trees on a lake. Photo: iStock

Niluh Sriasil looks opposite her property, by her glow trees of blazing red and frangipanis of fairytale pink; past her fast-ripening mangoes out onto a crescent-shaped brook where a sea glints like a hundred camera flashes bursting during a same impulse in a morning sunshine. She apologises quietly: “I’m sorry,” she says. “We have no income for a swimming pool.” Beneath us – where her front yard pitches into Lombok Strait – there’s perceptibly room for a 3 little bungalows she’s built above a black-sand beach where jukung (traditional fishing boats) fill any gangling centimetre of space, yet she’s broke all a same she can’t yield me with a imagination setting pools that are a customary of any accommodation provider in Seminyak, Canggu or Uluwatu in Bali today. “I don’t wish a setting swimming pool,” I’d like to tell her. “I wish what we have here: a beach with nobody on it.”

But we know she won’t know what I’m perplexing to say; that many travellers to Bali are unequivocally usually perplexing to find what they already had; before setting pools and imagination ex-pat-owned cafes portion anti-oxidant shakes with cashew bulb divert that cost a same as what they cost behind home. Fancier hotel rooms, restaurants owned by luminary chefs and swim-up pool bars don’t make adult for a fact many once-pristine beaches now pour with plastic, or for coach-loads of well-heeled Chinese tourists following guides with flags right by what used to be your tip roller spot.

So instead we lay looking out to sea from a heterogeneous grill she’s fabricated from shells, lava stone and bamboo here circuitously Bali’s many eastern point, and wait on a crater of clever black Bali coffee. we ask for a celebration coconut to follow it down with. She leans precariously off a corner of her pergoda, looks skyward, and apologises again: “I’m sorry, currently we have no coconuts.” And next this pacific scene, life goes on many as it always has. Fishermen accumulate in groups after a morning spent during sea to slurp noisily during noodles, afterwards they’ll down their bowls to arrange their catch, transporting a fish they won’t feed their families to internal markets. And a few kilometres inland, locals still compartment a dirt of their rice paddy farms regulating H2O buffalo on a terraced foothills of Bali’s largest mountain, a asleep volcano, Agung. Locals call it “the navel of a world”.

Chances are you’ve never listened East Bali spruiked as a traveller end – or a towns that browbeat it, like Amlapura, Candidasa and Tenganan. But it’s here – an hour’s expostulate easterly of a Eat Pray Love devotees in Ubud, and dual hours tour north-east of a trade jams in Seminyak, Legian and Kuta where you’re many expected to find a Bali we came looking for: for it’s that Bali of a common imaginations; think: cloudy mountains, rice terraces spilling down hillsides, furious volcanic beaches. And solely for a occasional European traveller (or ex-pat), there’s hardly a traveller to share it with. Despite a Australian cast of Bali these past 30 years or so, few of us try this distant east. Many make it so damn tighten – usually a few kilometres west of here to a pier in Padangbai, to tour by sea to Lombok and a Gili Islands. we watch them engine past me any morning over breakfast during my flattering hotel by a sea.

Truth be told, we indispensable to find this place; since I’ve found myself outgrowing Bali. Or perhaps, if I’m unequivocally truthful, newly I’d beheld Bali’s outgrown me. All around me, twentysomethings borrowed from Tommy Hilfiger catalogues whizzed past me on scooters between new age cafes and imagination ex-pat-owned bars; and cocktails came during me on loll pods, by sharp staff who took my change for tips. The roller spots we found in my late teenagers dual decades or so on are now patrolled by locals sponsored by Billabong and Quiksilver. The leftovers are common by surfers from any continent on this earth. It was a day outing we took utterly by possibility 3 years ago that done me cruise East Bali as my remedy to a complicated world, a place we competence find what we desired here a entertain of a century ago. East Bali usually final a little bid by a traveller – it starts hardly 1¼-hour’s expostulate from a airport. we do conflict with Seminyak-like trade outward a traveller city of Sanur, yet a highway easterly shortly narrows and a jungle grows right adult above me, forcing me to expostulate by immature tunnels of low unresolved vines and trees in full bloom.

Bali metamorphoses here; like I’m time travelling. we stratagem around hair-pin corners, where locals rinse and rinse garments in slow-flowing rivers and fruit vendors peddle their things – durian, mangos, bananas, snakefruit – centimetres from the roadway. Life in all a glory, and a tedium, happens here by a road: products are traded, gods are sanctified in little temples, children with hair slicked laterally travel to school. Two cars can hardly pass; when farmers carrying hoes and sickles and aged group carrying logs to bake for cooking line a roadway, there’s hardly room for one.

I expostulate high into a plateau internal from a encampment of Candidasa, circuitously where my hotel is. The highway slopes drastically now, we change down gears quick along slight ridges, teetering above outrageous immature valleys. Farmers condense weed with machetes by a highway to feed their buffalo; any little encampment is flashy with unresolved vines and Hindu offerings. Petrol is sole in Smirnoff bottles where attendants lay on pinkish cosmetic stools eating bowls of prohibited rice. We stop here high among the clouds, and lift towering bikes from a vehicle. Down narrow, winding, shadowy towering roads we seashore by a Bali we remember well; teenagers on motorbikes follow tighten behind, while women carrying baskets of snakefruit on their heads disappear like ghosts in a obscurity behind a spindly bamboo fences during a road’s edge. we stop to demeanour out opposite an outrageous immature hollow to Mount Agung. It final erupted in 1963, murdering thousands. The outrageous chunks of lava left behind done many of a land formidable for tillage for decades, and forced whole communities to rush to other tools of Bali, and beyond. It’s because East Bali is still frugally populated today, and partly explains because it’s still not a vital actor in a tourism stakes.

I float compartment we strike a beach, interlude during a semi-secret mark locals call Virgin Beach. There are beaches all along East Bali’s seashore – yet surfers who learn breaks here keep a locations to themselves.  “This whole easterly seashore of Bali is dirty with different roller breaks, with extraordinary beaches, with primitive spots, we can’t even see them on a map,” long-time Bali surfer and co-owner of circuitously roller resort, Kommune, Tony Cannon says. “You usually have to spin off and have a bit of wish and see for yourself.”

I find white silt during Virgin Beach after a strained travel down a cobbled sand lane to a little brook where a timberland grows to a water. There’s usually a few elementary warung (local restaurants) here, for now during least, all offering elementary dishes – grilled fish cleared down with icy-cold Bintangs – a lunch for what a smoothie costs in Seminyak.

Though East Bali is home to a prettiest rice fields in all of Bali, and thick immature jungle creeps into any city here invoking a feeling that swell hasn’t got a possibility of scarring a landscape any time soon, not all of East Bali looks like a postcard. Its beaches are mostly of a black-sand variety, and on many you’d be hard-pressed to find a mark for a towel between a squadron of jukung pulled adult aloft than a waves during any bay.

But we adore to glance during a life on arrangement here. In a traveller areas of Bali, we benefit usually an discernment into a daily life in hotels, restaurants, cafes and massage parlours; yet here usually pushing by provides me with a window into a normal ways of a race mostly unvaried by all of us. Sure, in towns like Amed and Candidisa I’m still offering taxis, motorbikes, vessel trips and massages; yet for a many part, I’m available to go by unnoticed, a submissive voyeur reliving a past.

I expostulate a slow, circuitous seashore highway to a diving hotspot of Amed, underneath a shade of Mount Seraya. Women in charming dresses travel beside a roadway, balancing baskets on a tops of their heads, while group lift fish on poles. Bananas, mangos and jackfruit grow so tighten we could collect them from my seat. The highway zigzags constantly here, and we’re forced to circuitously walking speed travelling high above a imperishable hilly coastline.

Life looks elementary here: fume filters out from timber glow stoves, cows, pigs and chickens are kept outward rickety wooden shacks, garments are cleared in rivers and hung beside a alley on low-hanging branches. Around corners we can spasmodic glance a outrageous caldera walls of Mount Agung, 3031 metres above a earth’s surface, all around outrageous lava rocks projecting from a earth are a consistent sign of a volcano’s reason over those who live next it.

There’s swell in justification during Amed – 15 mins expostulate over Niluh Sriasil’s elementary bungalows circuitously a encampment of Jemeluk. But it’s still of a low-key variety, and yoga (and diving) seems a banking here, it’s peddled during quirky retreats alongside a roadside, corroborated by a background of drastically tilted plateau and brimful mango trees.

Some of Bali’s many dedicated temples can be found in East Bali (including a holiest of a holy, a Besakih Temple, and a sprawling stately H2O house during Tirtigangga) yet I’m many happier here avoiding a improved famous spots (where traveller buses do venture) to simply watch life play out around me. I’m utterly calm trapped here in my time capsule, an spectator of a life many reduction chaotic than a one going on in a Bali 40 years on from here, usually an hour or so west. 






Jetstar (jetstar.com.au), Virgin Australia (virginaustralia.com.au) and Garuda (garuda-indonesia.com) fly to Bali daily from Sydney and Melbourne. Your hotel will organize a transfer, or a cab will cost around $35 AUD.


Alila Manggis is a four-star hotel built on a shores of a Lombok Strait circuitously Candidisa – it’s one of a strange oppulance hotels in East Bali. They offer excursions low into East Bali including a Mountain to Sea bike float and an scrutiny of a easterly seashore and a diving mecca of Amed. They also offer rafting, hiking and other activities. See alilahotels.com/manggis

Craig Tansley travelled during his possess responsibility and with a assistance of Alila Hotels.

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