Dumbo: Is Ubud’s new farm-to-table vegetarian grill value a hype?

Dumbo is a vegetarian grill that bills itself as an ethical, farm-to-table dining mark portion wood-fired Italian dishes. There’s been utterly a bit of amicable media adore going around for a place, so here we are, weighing in on a buzz.

It’s been open for 3 months now, but since the grand opening is slated for after this month, Jun 22, it’s indeed still underneath “soft opening.” Three months in.

Anyway, initial impressions: The initial building has plastic-covered aquamarine seats situated conflicting a bar and a coffee-making machine. Lattice-covered lights hang from a ceiling, giving off a warm, friendly vibe that also illuminates a green-and-gold tiled walls.

The second building is a high-ceilinged space noted by a outrageous oven and delicately placed pleasant plants. It also offers good views of Ubud’s forest, which, thankfully sojourn giveaway of hotels and other manmade eyesores (for now).

While a place was gorgeous, we was some-more extraordinary about a food itself. Farm-to-table vegetarian restaurants operate according to values that are really commendable. But, it’s still a restaurant. The food has to ambience nice. It’s simple science. Right?

So, with that, let’s take a demeanour during a food.

First building dining area. Photo: Rachel Malaguit
Dumbo Ubud’s wood-fire oven. Photo: Rachel Malaguit

I systematic a Bianca Jagger (IDR80,000/US$5.74), a pizza topped with potato slices, rosemary, black olives, roasted garlic, dusty chili, and rocket leaves, that we interconnected with a freshly-made splash that they called lemongrass and orange squish (IDR45,000/US$3.23).

My splash was refreshing, and that reduction of orange and lemongrass does wonders to perk adult a senses. It wasn’t good adequate to boost a sameness of that pizza, however.

Dumbo’s Bianca Jagger and lemongrass and lime. Photo: Rachel Malaguit

The pizza crust had a good break to it, with a right kind of punch from outward to in — and it carried some of that great, perfumed aroma characteristic of pizzas entrance out of a wood-fired oven. But, as a whole, it was unbelievably bland. Some some-more salt and spice? Yes, that would have been nice.

Look, it’s flattering apparent to anyone who’s ever stepped feet in Indonesia: This country has a adore event with spices. What a cuisine sees as “mild” could interpret into beyond-manageable levels of spiciness for people entrance in with different culinary backgrounds.

But yet this pizza had a powdering of chilis on it, it did not broach a feverishness or umami cause that I’ve come to design from something baked in this country. I asked one of the staffers to palm me a bottle of chili flakes, that we widespread all over a cake in an try to arise adult my tastebuds.

I finished one cut before deliberation either we could sincerely give my take on this food. we had spent a past few days eating a spiciest nasi goreng and creamiest Soto Betawi I could get my hands on. Perhaps we usually couldn’t go from one impassioned to another, though for others who aren’t sport for that smackdown of spice, a pizza like this would suffice?

I thought behind to all those rarely eager reviews I’d seen online — a ones that done me confirm to come try Dumbo in a initial place. we motionless to write my take on my (admittedly limited) personal experience, if usually as a counsel to others like me.

Dumbo’s chocolate mousse. Photo: Rachel Malaguit

And so, we finished off some some-more slices, and ordered chocolate mousse (IDR75,000/US$5.38) for dessert. It was excellent — though many expected not made with a Indonesian taste in mind. Unlike a required desserts in Indonesia, which see inexhaustible helpings of sweeteners churned in, this mousse was usually somewhat sweet, and interestingly, paired with a pear, that indeed worked to move down a altogether benevolence of a dish.

Dumbo is a design-driven venue desirous by Balinese art, and we can suppose people visiting usually to have something showy to post on their ‘gram. Their staff is super nice, that is standard for a march in Indonesia, generally in Bali. However, if you’re critical about removing a dish with confidant flavors, afterwards Dumbo might not be a best place for that.

View from Dumbo. Photo: Rachel Malaguit

When we was behind in my hotel room, we severely deliberate going behind to Dumbo to try their other dishes. Maybe we should have systematic their breakfast burger, that has egg, onions, and chili jam. Or maybe we should have stranded to my strange choice, their pasta al forno.

Maybe it deserves another shot, we thought. But, as we dug into my babi guling, we motionless opposite it. There’s truly something for everybody in Bali’s food scene, and maybe this one usually isn’t for me.



Dumbo Bali is located during Jalan Raya Sanggingan, Kedewatan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia. It’s open each day for lunch during 12pm–3pm and cooking from 5pm–10pm. 

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