‘Do not panic’: Bali’s Mount Agung volcano finally erupts

Bali’s Denpasar airfield is still open and flights in and out of Bali have not been influenced given Mount Agung started spewing charcoal and steam in a long-awaited tear on Tuesday night.

But should a conditions worsen, Aussies who haven’t nonetheless taken out word for their arriving Bali outing might find themselves though cover for any volcano-related drama.

Some word companies imposed a cut-off time for tear coverage during 8.05pm AEDT on Tuesday — precisely when a tear started.

And that might leave in a swell many of a 250,000 Aussies approaching to revisit Bali between now and a finish of January.

Spikes in calls to transport insurers this morning advise many Australians are confused about what a volcano means for their word — generally given this isn’t a initial Bali volcano word cut-off given September.


Back in September, when everybody suspicion Mount Agung would explode during any minute, Australian word companies imposed deadlines for Bali word policies.

Travellers who took out word before a deadline would be lonesome for volcano-related claims, such as behind flights due to a charcoal cloud or puncture accommodation.

But those who missed out on a deadline would not be lonesome for a volcano, given during that point, an tear was no longer deliberate an variable event.

In October, when a warning standing for a volcano was downgraded to a second-highest level, some insurers carried their deadline and went behind to normal. Others kept a deadline.

Now that a tear has happened, some insurers who carried their deadline have imposed a new one.

Bessie Hassan, transport word consultant for finder.com.au, pronounced it was a treacherous situation.

“Some insurers have defended a anathema they imposed a few weeks ago and that will have taboo travellers from holding out word to Bali,” she told news.com.au.

“However, other insurers have carried their bans within a final fortnight so anyone who took out a process within that duration from those brands should be authorised to claim.”

Ms Hassan pronounced insurers who carried a cut-off final month were expected to examination that in light of Tuesday’s eruption.

“Remember that not all insurers have carried their restrictions so strike them directly to endorse either you’ll be authorised to claim,” she said.

“Those confused should check directly with their insurer to safeguard that cover was taken out within dates that weren’t restricted.”

finder.com.au is updating a list of where word companies mount on this issue. But it’s best to usually call your insurer directly if you’re unsure.


Travel Insurance Direct’s transport consultant Phil Sylvester pronounced there had been a swell in calls and email inquiries on Wednesday morning following news of a volcano’s eruption.

Travel Insurance Direct is one of a companies that imposed a 8.05pm deadline final night.

“If a traveller purchased a Travel Insurance Direct process before to that cut-off they would still be lonesome for termination and check expenses. So that means if a airfield gets sealed and they get stranded in Bali for a few additional nights, reasonable accommodation and dishes losses are claimable,” Mr Sylvester told news.com.au.

“Similarly, if it means they can no longer strech Bali, afterwards mislaid deposits and other losses incurred are claimable.”

But if we missed out on a 8.05pm deadline, we should still take a word for your Bali trip, he said.

“This doesn’t meant your whole process is void,” Mr Sylvester said.

“A process bought after this cut-off date will still cover we for non-volcano medical costs, burglary or detriment of belongings, et cetera.

“You could still get strike channel a highway in Bali and need medical treatment, so it is still unequivocally critical to take out transport word coverage.”

Mr Sylvester total if a traveller was stranded in Bali, they should keep their expectations for lapse flights and accommodation reasonable.

“You do not have a right to find yourself a initial category chair to get home — even if it’s a usually one accessible — and explain that from us,” he said.

“At best we’d usually compensate a homogeneous of an economy fare, withdrawal we out of slot substantially. So if we are stranded and unequivocally unfortunate to get home, and have found a flight, call us initial to get construction about your cover.

“In a same vein, if we need to find accommodation for additional nights, don’t book yourself into a presidential suite.”


Bali’s Denpasar general airfield stays open and Jetstar and Virgin Australia have reliable flights to Bali were handling to report following a eruption.

“Should any volcanic charcoal make a approach into in Bali airspace tomorrow [Wednesday], however, this could outcome in moody disruptions,” Jetstar said.

Virgin Australia pronounced it was stability to guard a conditions closely.

No other Australian airline has signalled any change to moody schedules as a outcome of Mount Agung.

Locals and tourists are being urged to sojourn ease and not to panic.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is propelling Australians in Bali to stay outward a 7.5-kilometre ostracism section around a volcano and to follow a instructions of internal authorities.


The conduct of a volcano monitoring post during Mt Agung, we Dewa Made Mertayasa, pronounced a tear was a “phreatic explosion” and there was no reason nonetheless to extend a depletion section around a volcano that is already during between 6 and 7.5 kilometres from a crater. More than 140,000 people fled their homes in that ostracism section in Sep as fears of an tear grew.

“Phreatic means that a H2O in a void aspect collected given of complicated sleet recently total with descending magma,” Mr Mertasaya said, according to a ABC.

“The dangers are for [the people]living within a 6 kilometre to 7.5 kilometre radius from a crater. That depletion section should sojourn transparent given a charcoal clouds are streamer in that direction.”

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho from Indonesia’s National Disaster Mitigation Agency pronounced a phreatic tear was caused by magma heating water, rather than a generally some-more dangerous tear of magma itself, AP reported.

New Zealand volcanologist Dr Janine Krippner pronounced a tear was “At this indicate this is very, unequivocally small”.

“Right now this is not a critical tear though of march this can change,” Dr Krippner tweeted.

“Time to make certain we are prepared and keep an eye on central Agung information.”

The Mount Agung volcano in Bali, Indonesia, began erupting on Nov 21, reduction than a month given a warning standing was downgraded following a diminution in seismic activity. BNPD, a Indonesian disaster government agency, retweeted one of their researchers, who pronounced that a tear reached a tallness of 700 meters and warned people to stay during slightest 6 kilometers from a mountain. Credit: Instagram/Aly Webster around Storyful

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