Decompression illness expected caused Singapore doctor’s genocide in Bali dive

She was an gifted diver who desired a outdoor and trafficked abroad several times a year to pursue her passion of removing a closer demeanour during sea life.

But final Wednesday, Dr Wong Yu Yi, 48, died while diving in Bali.

An autopsy found that she had suffered decompression illness and it was a expected means of death, pronounced her husband, Dr Peng Yeong Pin.

The condition, that can be fatal, is caused when vigour differences lead to gas froth combining in a blood.

Dr Peng, 48, a palm surgeon, spoke to The Sunday Times during his wife’s arise yesterday. He pronounced he flew to Indonesia with his father on a day of a accident, after his wife’s crony called him.

Dr Wong was in Bali with her friends, Ms Yap Shu Mei, 49, and Ms Rini Astuti Wulandari, 27, according to a Bali Post report.

She was diving with a organisation during an area called Blue Lagoon, in a eastern pier city of Padangbai. At about 9.10am, they were diving during a abyss of about 20m, when Dr Wong signalled for help.


She’s an gifted diver, with about a hundred dives in her log. This was her passion.

DR PENG YEONG PIN, on how his mother went diving to many places around a world.

The dive personality led her to a water’s aspect though she was comatose by then. She was rushed to sanatorium and announced passed on arrival. “They attempted cardiopulmonary resuscitation for utterly a prolonged time, though could not move her back,” pronounced Dr Peng, who flew behind to Singapore on Friday.

“She’s an gifted diver, with about a hundred dives in her log,” he said. He combined that his mother went to Raja Ampat in Indonesia and a Red Sea in Egypt to dive, and recently came behind from another outing to a Philippines in June. “This was her passion.” He pronounced she was anticipating to see sunfish in Bali this time.

Dr Wong went diving several times a year, did underwater photography, and enjoyed visiting hard-to-reach places to see a sea life. She worked as an cultured doctor, though also did medical rounds in a nursing home, and attended to a residents in a diminutive hours of a morning if needed, pronounced Dr Peng.

Dr Wong’s hermit Wong Yu Han, 44, pronounced his sister was some-more active in her diving pursuits in a final 3 or 4 years. “She was a really comfortable person, and substantially a best-suited among the siblings to be a alloy since she was really caring,” he said.

About 100 friends and kin incited adult to compensate their respects during her arise yesterday.

She leaves her father and 3 children aged 11 to 19. Her physique will be cremated tomorrow.

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