Darwin’s Balinese village attend annual beach-side rite …


Mar 25, 2017 16:48:59

A line of Balinese people sitting in a silt dressed in normal costumes as they pray.

After a request and catharsis rituals, a Balinese village celebrates with a feast. (ABC News: Supplied)

On a corner of Darwin’s Casuarina beach, Balinese people dressed in normal costumes rinse their feet and send flowers off into a sea for a Melasti clarification ceremony.

The annual catharsis protocol is achieved by Hindu people in Indonesia, especially Bali, with a aim of throwing divided bad omens from a past forward of a Nyepi holy day.

The tradition has now trafficked from Bali to Darwin, one of a Top End’s closest general neighbours.

“That’s a pleasing thing about a Balinese village in Darwin, each year in credentials for a Hindu year they … clean themselves and go to a beach, they always go to Casuarina Beach,” Andre Siregar, from Darwin’s Indonesia Consul said.

“There they do prayers and they make some offerings to a gods and they freshen themselves in a waters in Casuarina Beach.”

Mr Siregar pronounced a rite has now stretched and other members of a Indonesian community, as good as from other backgrounds, join a event.

“Once those rituals are finished it’s time for a feast where many other Indonesians join and they get to try a Balinese food that’s tenderly cooked,” he said.

Balinese people dressed in normal costumes on Casuarina beach for a Melasti clarification ceremony.

People dressed in normal costumes for a Melasti clarification ceremony. (ABC News: Supplied)

“But it’s special for a Balinese village since they like to move all other Indonesians together during Casuarina Beach once or twice a year like this.”

Melasti is a predecessor for a Kuningan celebrations that Mr Siregar pronounced will be hold in Darwin subsequent month.







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