Convicted Killer Heather Mack on Night of Her Mother’s Murder: ‘I Think It Was Half-Premeditated’

In an disdainful audio speak from a jail in Bali, Heather Mack reveals a comfortless events heading adult to a headline-grabbing murder of her mom and a genuine reason her physique was pressed into a suitcase.

“I consider it was half intentional and half not,” Mack, now 20, tells a TV newsmagazine Crime Watch Daily, describing how her beloved killed her mother, Chicago socialite Sheila von Wiese-Mack, 62, during a barbarous early morning evidence in her upscale Saint Regis Bali review hotel suite. (The audio speak was temporarily common exclusively with PEOPLE.)

“In my conduct we never suspicion it [the murder] was going to happen, though in my heart infrequently we wanted it to.”

Mack’s boyfriend, Tommy Schaefer, 22, confessed to a murdering during a couple’s trial in 2015, in that they both faced genocide by banishment squad. Schaefer eventually perceived an 18-year judgment and Mack was condemned to 10 years in Bali’s barbarous Kerobokon prison.

In Mack’s many new interview, scheduled to atmosphere on a one-hour program on Sept. 29, she discusses a toxic, uneasy attribute she had with her mom – that was examined in a lengthy account in PEOPLE final year.

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Their attribute grew increasingly stretched after a 2006 genocide of her father, a eminent Chicago-based jazz and exemplary composer James Mack. By a time a time Mack and her mom left for their fatal Aug 2014 vacation in Bali, many who knew a span were aroused of what competence happen.

“One night it was horrible,” Mack says, explaining because she motionless to have Schaefer fly to Bali to join her. “She was so dipsomaniac and we said, ‘Tommy, we need we to come here. we can’t take this anymore. I’m going to kill myself.'”

Convicted Killer Heather Mack on Night of Her Mother's Murder: 'I Think It Was Half-Premeditated'| Crime  Courts, Murder, True Crime

Heather Mack (left) and Tommy Schaefer

Firdia Lisnawati / AP

Schaefer, whose $12,000 craft sheet was paid for with Sheila’s credit card, arrived during their hotel shortly after midnight on Aug. 12. Mack’s mom “went nuts,” says Heather, when she schooled that a determined rapper had flown to Bali and requisitioned a room regulating her credit card. Shortly after he arrived, she confronted him in a hotel lobby.

After a blowout, Sheila and her daughter returned to their room, though Mack eventually snuck out and met adult with Schaefer, once again revelation him, “‘I can’t take it anymore. we can’t do this,'” she says. “And Tommy said, ‘Let me speak to her.’. . . And that’s when it began.”

Minutes later, Schaefer arrived during Sheila’s room. Mack claims she sensitive her mom that she was profound with Schaefer’s child, which, she says, stirred Sheila to “run around a room, looking for a knife, screaming that we was going to die.”

At one point, Sheila allegedly grew so barbarous that she “grabbed” Schaefer around a neck. “Tommy could have shoved her off,” she says. “He’s a clever man. But we was screaming and screaming and he only smacked her over and over and over.”

Mack insists that she fled into a lavatory during most of a beating, that military investigators pronounced concerned a steel fruit bowl.

As her mom lay on a floor, solemnly asphyxiating as a outcome of a endless injuries to face, Mack recalls Schaefer perplexing “to cuddle me and he had blood all over his shirt. we remember thinking, ‘Why is he hugging me with my mother’s blood all over his shirt?’ . . . At that impulse we incited to ice and we didn’t warp for 6 months.”

Hours after a murder, a integrate placed a container in a case of a cab before journey a hotel. The motorist told military after he speckled blood leaking from a luggage.

Convicted Killer Heather Mack on Night of Her Mother's Murder: 'I Think It Was Half-Premeditated'| Crime  Courts, Murder, True Crime

Heather Mack

Agung Parameswara / Getty Images

Mack, who is currently raising a 18-month-old daughter she had with Schaefer in prison, insists that a preference to things Sheila’s physique into a container was her idea.

“Tommy said, ‘We have to run.’ And we said, ‘Are we nuts?’,” she says. “I was only hugging her and hugging her. we wouldn’t let her go.”

“What do we wish to do?” Mack claims Schaefer asked her.

Her respond is as chilling as it is poignant. “I said, ‘I wish to move her [with us],'” Mack recalls. “‘I wish to move her in a suitcase. I’m not withdrawal her here.'”

For more, balance into Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen on Thursday, Sep 29.

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