Coconut drinks on Bali beach turns into a calamity for dual women

Cape Town – It was bliss for dual South African photographers: a sunshine, white beaches and a cerulean sea of a Kuta beach in Bali.

Lizane Louw, 40, of Langebaan and Gita Claassen, 29, from Prince Albert sank into their beach chairs and sipped their (non-alcoholic) drinks from coconut shells. 

Little did they know, their drinks had been spiked, Netwerk24 reported.

Now, Louw and Claassen trust that they were propitious that something bad didn’t occur to them.

The occurrence happened about dual weeks ago. It was Claassen’s initial outing abroad and she wanted to have a splash from a coconut.

The women paid a homogeneous of R97 for a drinks and beach chairs during a case subsequent to a beach.

It tasted green to Claassen, though she suspicion it competence not be developed yet, and carried on drinking.

A male sanctimonious to be a surfing instructor kept on hovering around them.

“I suspicion he was going to give me surfing lessons or tell me some-more about a enlightenment on a island, though meditative back, he was looking around all a time and looked restless,” pronounced Louw.   

“His friends behind a surfboards subsequent to a coconut case looked during us all a time and kept on laughing.  
“The instructor had a sticky physique with widen outlines on his hips and arms. He didn’t demeanour like a surfing instructor,” pronounced Claassen.

 Louw downed her drink. Then she began feeling flushed, though she suspicion it was a heat. 

“I wanted to swim, so we took off my sunglasses and sarong and went into a water. Then a instructor was there again.”

Lizane Louw and Gita Claassen with their coconut drinks on Kuta beach in Bali, moments before they started hallucinating. (Supplied, Netwerk24)

‘Something was wrong’

He attempted doubt her, among other things, about her tattoos. All of a remarkable she felt really ill.

“My legs collapsed. My mouth felt passed inside and we struggled to talk. we remember a prolonged pause. The instructor was staring during me. we was still in a water.”

“I looked during Gita on a beach chair. She had a uncanny smile.

“I realised something was wrong.”

I shouted during her: “Leave a coconut. Come!

“I was fearful for both of us. we knew there was something in my complement that shouldn’t be there. Then we started hallucinating.”

Claassen, who’d only had half her drink, pronounced she’d been feeling high, though could see that Louw was in trouble. She grabbed her by a arms and they fled.

“The guys underestimated me,” pronounced Louw.

“I don’t know how we got off that beach.

“Thinking back, we see dual butterflies drifting in a outrageous cage… It is a terrible feeling to consider that something like that can occur in extended daylight.

“I am really disillusioned. we have trafficked all over a world. Never did we consider that we would be unperceiving on a Bali beach in extended daylight.”

Louw during times felt really paranoid and a following day had hallucinations and stomach cramps. The dual women went to a general sanatorium in Nusa Dua, where doctors dynamic that there was “foreign matter” in their bodies.

They were too frightened to news a matter to authorities, though they have given review on a internet of identical incidents on Kuta. 

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