Christmas in paradise: Spend a gratifying deteriorate in a object during THESE must-see destinations

Mauritius: Since 2016, has seen Christmas bookings to Mauritius arise a whopping 65%.

Yuletide defectors can suffer lazing on a beaches and hiking a alpine interior in hunt of drifting foxes.

A week, room only, during a four-star Le Suffren Hotel Marina including lapse flights from Stansted on Dec 19 is £1,159.

Sri Lanka: Although Christmas Day is a open holiday for everybody here, usually 7% of a nation is Christian so normal festivities are few and distant between.

Instead spend Christmas whale examination on a south coast, acid for leopards on safari, picking tea during a towering stations or climbing a towering during sunrise.

Stay 8 nights during a four-star Ozo Colombo on a room usually basis, vacating Gatwick on Dec 20 for £939. 

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